CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #855


The scores after the last round:

Tinnittin 91
Squirrel2412 87
EricH 69
Tomithy 69
efoote868 63
Osby 59
Wayne Doenges 56
GaryVoshol 54
quin 54
cgmv123 53
gellnick 52
DonRotolo 46
Karaoke 29
EricKline 24
rsisk 24
GeeTwo 20
gixxy 8
NatsirtD 8
jackoleary 8
Andy Baker 5
clonedcheese 5
AustinShalit 4
ari_2412 3
PeterR 2
Emiliano6181 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


“Look, dude, I can’t just give you a yellow card because it ‘matches your shirt’!”
“What about if I don’t wear safety glasses?”
“I already gave out my one ‘no safety glasses’ yellow card. See it on my sleeve?”

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Ref: I have just one question for you. Do these stripes make me look thinner?

Head ref: “I’m sorry guys. This is a game played with Tetras - we’re not playing Tetris.”

One of the refs in the background looking in the rules: “Really? I thought it was Tetris too.”

You can’t triple stamp a double stamp. No that’s not right. You can’t triple stamp a double stamp no erasesies. See, when they double stamp no erasesies your stamp on a quitsies no-anti-quitsies no startsies they’ve already exhausted all 3 stamps.

You have to start touching the ground. Except the carpet isn’t ground.

FBI Agent: “Roger Roger, I have a head referee here”
FBI Command: “Tell him to give you the yellow card on his sleeve and then proceed to your objective.”
FBI Agent: “He’s telling me I have to have authorization to be here”
FBI Command: “Tell him you’re here to ask about a G20 call”
FBI Agent: “Uh sir, I’m here to ask about the G20 call you pinned on Billfred during match 85.5”
Referee: “Take it up with anyone other than me, I have a meeting right now”

Ref “Yes do you have a question”

Student “No”

Ref “So why are you standing in my question box?”

Student “because when you find a box with a question mark on it, it dose something magical”

Ref “Okay then”

Student 2 (off screen) “Um hey Ref, can I ask you a question about that last match?”

Ref “Are you standing in the box? If that is a no then I am not listening.”

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Player thinking, “If I shake his hand he is going to think I’m okay with his explanation of why we were penalized. Wonder what happens if I don’t?”

Mark: …and that is why you can never use a vacuum pump to increase traction.
Student: I just asked if we could refill our pneumatics system after the opening ceremony and before the first match.

Student: Could I ask you a question?
Ref: Sure, go ahead.
Student: Okay, thanks!
Ref: …did you just want to ask if you could ask a question?
Student: Yep! [leaves]

Ref: “Are you chewing gum?”
Student: “uh… yes…”
Ref: “No gum chewing here. Take it out and put it behind your ear.”

[NPOE] If you went to Catholic School you’d understand [/NPOE]

As soon as the ref lifted his arms, the student in front of him reacted with disbelief at the smell known as “I didn’t put enough deodorant on for a competition”. The guy directly behind the ref also reacted. He grabbed his nose, struggling to block the smell

Whew! Sorry this one fell apart; the CD downtime last night came at the worst possible time.

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Squirrel2412 97
Tinnittin 93
EricH 74
Tomithy 72
efoote868 65
Osby 61
Wayne Doenges 58
GaryVoshol 56
quin 56
cgmv123 55
gellnick 54
DonRotolo 48
Karaoke 29
EricKline 24
rsisk 24
GeeTwo 20
gixxy 8
NatsirtD 8
jackoleary 8
Andy Baker 5
clonedcheese 5
AustinShalit 4
ari_2412 3
PeterR 2
Emiliano6181 2