CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #87

…written while watching a bunch of people I don’t know blathering on about things I have no interest in. (Isn’t the Oscars pre-show wonderful?)

Here’s the scores:

MissInformation	87
Gary Dillard	83
EddieMcD	79
T. Hoffman	75
Rich Wong	73
Jay Trzaskos	71
Dlavery	68
Jay H 237	64
Icurtis	62
Al Skierkiewicz	60
Andy Baker	59
Nehalita	58
EricH	57
Wayne Doenges	54
KathieK	52
Bcahn836	47
Dorienne 007	45
Koko Ed	42
Arefin Bari	40
DCA Fan	33
Amanda Morrison	31
Artdutra04	31
EricS-Team180	29
Goober!!!	27
Andrew Blair	24
Ashley Christine	24
JosephM	23
Xzvrw2	23
“Big Mike”	21
Alex Cormier	21
Rich Kressly	20
Kyle Love	19
KenWittlief	18
Mechanicalbrain	18
Zach Purser	16
Conor Ryan	16
1derboy	14
Tim Delles	13
JVN	12
KarenH	12
Jessica Boucher	11
Richardp	11
Bill_Hancoc	11
Kjhobin	11
Pat McCarthy	10
Squirrelrock	10
Greg Needel	9
Dave Scheck	8
Kevin Kolodziej	8
Tiffany34990	8
Fruity Pebbles	7
DanielBCR	7
Sciencenerd	7
Brandy836	6
Elgin Clock	6
Miketwalker	6
RoboMom	6
Skimoose	6
Greencactus3	6
Sciguy125	6
InfernoX14	6
MattD1Drift	6
Boiler	6
Lil' Lavery	5
Adam Richards	5
Lukevanoort	5
Wetzel	5
Killerofkiller	4
Ogre	4
Cyberguy34000	4
Denman	4
Matt Attallah	4
Spears312	4
Beth Sweet	3
GaryV1188	3
Meaubry	3
RogerR	3
Ryan Foley	3
Tytus Gerrish	3
Shyra1353	3
Andrew Rudolph	2
BuddyB309	2
Dan Swando	2
Eria4044	2
Kyle	2
Meredith343MiM	2
Mini-D67	2
Sammy	2
Cody C	2
Eugenia Gabrielov	2
Liz C	2
Pwilczynski	2
Rohan_DHS	2
anna~marie	1
Barry Bonzack	1
Ben Lauer	1
Budda648	1
CarpeDiem	1
Courtneyb1023	1
DjAlamose	1
Dubious elise	1
First degree	1
Joe_P.	1
John Wanninger	1
KyleGilbert45	1
Lisa Perez	1
Mr. A	1
Mrblack298	1
Rees2001	1
Saru29	1
Termite233	1
Wilshire	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is Saturday at midnight Eastern


DAVE:This is the last time you photoshop me, Heidi! SEND IN THE LIONS!

And here we observe the FIRSTer in their natural enviroment. Their main Diet is Krispy Kremes and Mountain Dew. There only natural predator is sleep. The whole pack hibernates for six weeks and when they emerge they give birth to one new member. They tend to migrate to chiefdelphi and many of the members pretend to be JVN. In four years they leave. Some join new packs as alpha members. Some start there own packs. Most are afraid of the numbers 71, 111, 67, and 254. That about sums up the FIRSTer.

FIRST 2007: Didn’t I tell you guys they’d sink to the bottom? You can lead a robot to water, but you can’t make 'em swim!

Dave (talking to the guy next to him)

“You know, the last time I stared through a window like this my wife made me buy a puppy and bring it home. Don’t ever let your wife catch you staring at one like this otherwise it’s her job to pick one out and then it’s your job to pay for it, feed it and walk it for the rest of it’s life.”

(In my best Transformers voice-over dude voice…)

It is the year 2075. The Era of the Operator Interface is over. IFI CEO JVN has long since switched his company’s focus to building beer opening robots for the increasingly lazy world population. For decades, human drive teams have toiled over their joysticks and pushbuttons in an effort to control their machines of magnificence, but no longer. Mind over machine has become the new paradigm. On the FIRST battlefield, humans now focus their newfound telekinetic powers on their mechanical masterpieces. Here we see such a drive team concentrating on their task; however, the guy on the left possesses no such powers. He is just trying to pick his nose without making it too obvious to everyone else around him.

DAVE(talking to guy beside him):Hey is there somthing coming out of my nose??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The NASA control room after repeated budget cuts…

DaveL: I’m sorry…
Dave’s Friend: I’m so embarrassed.

DaveL: I’m really sorry…
Dave’s Friend: You had to say to the guard “I’m Dave Lavery! I don’t need no stinking badges”, now we’re kicked out and have to seat here in the peanut gallery.

DaveL: I did say I’m sorry…

Dude With Goggles: Yes! Our Autonomous works!
Dave: Watch it do the back stroke! I should of thought of this water game years ago!

Inside Dave’s Head (which is a place I’d like to go someday, but I’m not entirely sure what I’d find): If only they knew how many nonsequential twenties it took for Team Hammond to get all those Championship wins. :ahh:

Help! Trapped in spacecraft factory!

Kid in sunglasses: So that is what underwater magic smoke looks like!

“You ever feel like a zoo animal behind all this glass, I do”

We now take you to a preview of the new FIRST Place attraction, FIRST: The Ride…

Announcer: If you look in front of you, we are now passing by the wax figure gallery. Here you can see each Woodie Flowers Award winner, along with Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers himself.

Passing into the next room…shaking begins…

Announcer: Hold on to your seats! Its an earthquake! The robots will save us!

Dave: Oh look, here come the Vex bots that JVN designed for this part of the attraction. Do they look a bit small to you?

Dave: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
Man to Dave’s left: “Yes, I think placing all the robots in the arena at the same time was a bad idea.”
Dave: “No, I’m thinking I could have saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to GEICO ™ . I wonder if I could insure my other car.”

Dave: I can send a signal to my other cars and they respond, but my robot doesn’t. Why did we trust John and his coworkers with this job? Why, why, why?

(in the best gravelly, grouchy, grumpy old man voice - to the man next to him)
“… and back in the day, we didn’t have fun playing with robots - all we did was have fun building model rockets. You whippersnappers have it way too easy! We didn’t have none of those “remote controllers” for our model rockets, neither. We had to use cardboard tubes and firecrackers for propulsion. And when the parachutes burned up, we chased em for miles! And if we got tired or lost in the process, we just kept looking and looking, for days even. 'Cause that was all we could do, and we liked it! You young kids don’t know how good you have it!
(in the second best gravely, grouchy old man voice - back to Dave)
And we had to walk to school. It was uphill - both ways! And we didn’t wear sun glasses inside a building to block the glare - we just shielded our eyes with our hand, or squinted really hard . And we liked it! When we were done, and our head hurt from staring, we just kept it to ourselves …”

  1. If you look hard into the glass, you can actually see the Ghost of Championships Past.

  2. (thought bubble): I wonder if I can pull the “Would-you-like-to-see-the-animation-early” trick again at next year’s kickoff…

(answer: Unfortunately, yes.)