CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #890

It’s Tuesday. You know what that means.

The scores after the last round:

jaredhk 29
quin 23
GaryVoshol 18
gellnick 18
cgmv123 14
efoote868 13
Osby 13
EricH 11
DonRotolo 10
Wayne Doenges 10
Squirrel2412 9
Tinnittin 6
rsisk 4
Karaoke 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


2199 experiments with using cameras as decibel meters. If you’re talking to VIPs over the shouts of “ROBOT” and the field music, and the camera looks like this, the event is certifiably too loud.

Team Captain: “And last year we had to drive the robot on ice.”
Kimmie: “Ice?”
Captain: “Well, they called it ‘regolith’, but it was like driving on ice.”

Team Captain: “I heard that you landed the triple Axel jump in national competition.”
Kimmie: “Yes, that’s correct.”
Team Captain: “Well we have a triple axel drive train, which is almost the same.”

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Yeah, yeah, that robot stuff is cool and all, but do you have anymore buttons?

And there’s our team’s photographer, they have their very own potato camera.

“So this is the flux capacitor. If it’s working properly, as Dave, the team CAD Lead, assured me when he designed it, it allows the robot to travel through time on the press of a button and the flip of a switch.”
“So why is there an aluminum bar going through the middle of it?”
“Dave SAID it worked in CAD.”

2199 team members had drank so much Mountain Dew that not even a camera could catch a still.

This here is called a “robot.” It’s like an Olympian, only less precise, worse at following instructions, and earns far fewer medals.

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When you’re so cool that you emit a camera disrupting field.

I guess first year team members need to be trained in everything.

Student: “…and on Regolith it’ll do a triple axle!”
Kimmie: “Um, don’t you mean Triple Axel?”
Student: “Umm, no, I meant axle. That means it has six wheels…”

[NPOE] Honest, I didn’t read any of the previous responses before writing this one [/NPOE]

Kimmie: “So I saw on YouTube here where one team did the pole vault (shows phone). What event does your robot do?”

Student 1: “It plays soccer. Sometimes when going over the giant humps the robot gets tripped and ejects the electronics and loose nuts and bolts onto the floor, leaving a pile of parts for field reset to clean up. This is why we gave our robot the name Messi”

Student 2: “Messi is short for Robo-Lion El Messi”

Mentor, yelling to ref: “That was a red card on the hump. It just tripped Messi. Are you blind??!!!”

Let’s get judgy!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

quin 33
jaredhk 32
GaryVoshol 20
gellnick 20
EricH 16
cgmv123 16
efoote868 15
Osby 15
DonRotolo 12
Wayne Doenges 12
Squirrel2412 9
rsisk 6
Tinnittin 6
Tomithy 2
Karaoke 2


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