CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #9

Holy smokes! Nine of these already? Who’da thunk? (shrug) Here’s the scores:

greencactus3: 28
Jeff Wagelin: 24
Michelle 236: 22
MissInformation: 20
Mike Ciance: 15
Gary Dillard: 14
Brandon Martus: 13
dlavery: 12
EddieMcD: 11
Elgin Clock: 11
Lil’ Lavery: 11
Greg Needel: 10
“Big Mike”: 10
Tom Schindler: 8
Astronouth7303: 7
Andy Baker: 7
Jay H 237: 6
Vivelation: 6
Shyra1353: 5
Amanda Morrison: 4
Corey Balint: 4
DCA Fan: 4
George1083: 4
JVN: 4
Ken Patton: 4
ZACH P.: 4
Aignam: 3
Andrew Rudolph: 3
Ben Lauer: 3
David Kelly: 3
Dorienne Plait: 3
RogerR: 3
T. Hoffman: 3
BCahn836: 2
Jessica Boucher: 2
Joe Ross: 2
Meli W: 2
Aaron Lussier: 1
Coco The Monkey: 1
Collin Fultz: 1
ElfMaster: 1
JosephM: 1
Katie Reynolds: 1
sanddrag: 1
Matt Attallah: 1
GateRunner: 1

And since everyone seems to be having fun with it (and nobody’s seriously hurt by it), I think I’ll continue the “ooo, buuuuuuuuuuuuurn” award. Still three points, and still judged on who can get the best one-liner in. Just remember that it’s only fun until someone gets hurt.

Now, for the pic:

The deadline is 9:00 on Wednesday night. Have fun!

Dismayed by the music industry, Tiffany is now happy as she mentors FIRST Robotics students and tortures NASA executives. Recently, she mentioned getting back into singing. “I may sing the Canadian National Anthem at next year’s FIRST Championships”, says Tiffany. We can only hope.


Andy B.

Tired of waiting… and waiting… and waiting for your dial-up service? Try Verizon DSL!

Introducing the new and improved carpet tester.

AAkkkkhh! Uurrrggggh! Sspffftt! aaaghhrrr! SVViiddDZZZ!

Brain on overload…

___ Must try to maintain control…

______ So many possibilities…

_________ Chance we have been waiting for…

____________ Neural short circuit…

_______________ Make up for all those Photoshop comments…

__________________ Must think carefully before brain melts…

GGnorrf! Svvvittzzz! UUUUrrrrggh! Ack!

I’ll be back later…

Announcing the new Roomba HF featuring new “Smart Clean” ™ technology, with swing out pickup arms for enhanced corner cleaning. (Pictured with the optional duster attachment.)

Man, Dave is gonna have a field day with this one…lol

I’ll be back with mine later :slight_smile:

AARRRGGGHHH! I can’t think…where’s the Advil?!

movie promo voice little did she realize how far she had pushed him, little did she know the power one nasa executive can have, one women is thrusted into a life on the run when she discovers that fun photo shop pictures can get you arrested /movie promo voice

The first week of school is always the hardest.

It seems i have lost a contact, can u help me find it>?

ARGH DAVE! I can’t stand him anymore! What else can I pin on him…“That’s Pimp” is already too old…hmmmm…


Heidi’s People to Photoshop list:

  • Big Mike - 2 counts of excessive bearhugging
  • Andy Baker - 1 count of being “cool yet geeky”
  • Brandon Martus - 3 counts of putting in features on Chief Delphi which confuse the majority of us
  • Jeff Waegelin - 1 count of being JVN
  • Dave Lavery - <><> counts of being Dave Lavery
  • EddieMcD - 2 counts of hating Krispy Kremes
  • Billfred - 1 count of putting me in this darned caption contest

Sigh. Okay, my entry: “And she futilely continued to try to convince them that there really was a brain under all of that hair.”

As for the rest of you, I’ll get you my pretties… and your little robots too!


“no longer a cat face but as a mouse i am still scared”


After a series of comically photoshopped pictures, Heidi ducks for cover as Dave goes on a Krispy Kreme induced rampage.

“Hmm… all this hair. Maybe it’s time to think about a new style?”

unable to concentrate on her guitar lessons, Heidi resolves to catch that darn mouse that had chewed a hole in her wall.

(hint= top left :smiley: & this is the view from the mousehole :smiley: )

… while still working on her blossoming spokesmodel career, Heidi did a brief stint as the public representative for Rogaine Recovery Anonymous. This was much more successful than her prior position as the stunt-double for Mr. T.


Gah! Where’s Karthik with all his hair products when you need them? Stupid hair…