CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #968

It’s Tuesday. You know what that means.

The scores after the last round:

wgorgen 120
GaryVoshol 116
jaredhk 115
EricH 98
Wayne Doenges 81
gellnick 80
Osby 75
cgmv123 74
DonRotolo 73
GeeTwo 33
LuiTheFly 31
Richard Wallace 23
tpark747949 22
bardd 16
WayCoolSuperDude 12
Andy Baker 11
TheRealJamesOo 10
Zroegn 9
Amicus1 7
Bmongar 4
Ninja_Bait 3
Amanda_Morrison 3
rsisk 2
Zagar 2
cad321 2
BrianAtlanta 2
OtherCaleb 2
Greg_Needel 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As usual, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern time.


While initial tests of inflatable bumpers were promising, some robots’ propensity for removing them (and then using them to incapacitate other robots) led to the decision to use pool noodles as the permanent solution, as well as G402 and G206.

(off camera)

Student1: “OK, that’ll work to load the tubes on the robot. But I’m pretty sure we’ll need a trained monkey to get them off.”

Student2: “Didn’t you ever read our mission statement? ‘Relevant real world experience.’”

Student1: “So we should ask Q&A?”

It puts the tubes on its aluminum frame or it gets the hose again

Blue Robot: “This relationship isn’t going to last because you’re carrying to much baggage. Oh, I will be taking my ring back too.”

They remembered to practice two of the three Rs: rigor and relationships. However, they mistook the third R for “rings,” shirking “real world experience.” When it was time for competition, well, oops.

Red Robot: Do these wheels make me look fat?

Blue Robot: No, but these tubes do! Let’s try taking a couple of them off and see if it helps.

Why do I think this meets the definition of theft?