CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #997

It’s Tuesday. You know what that means.

The scores after the last round:

wgorgen 36
LuiTheFly 36
Leap 30
GaryVoshol 27
cgmv123 24
gellnick 21
EricH 18
Wayne Doenges 18
Owen_Busler 8
GeeTwo 4
kingc95 4
Andy Baker 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As usual, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern time.


It is a little-known fact that 1515’s name came from the chant the team made when they had trouble twisting other teams’ arms to get them into the same picture as all that orange.

100’s response to the same problem? Funny hats.

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There are many solutions to the problem of fitting three drive teams into a single photo.
The simplest, shown here, is to simply try to cram multiple people into an alliance shot.
The method alluded to by @EricH, however, uses tall top hats in order to fit KFC meals into the field to keep all members of allied drive teams nearby.
[NPOE: This may actually have happened at one point while I was on 100]

You can’t have the greatness of FRC Team 997 right next to the greatness of FRC Team 1515, or they will form a critical mass event. That’s why FRC Team 2130 is there to act as a buffer.

All that headgear was soon discarded, as soon as the next heat wave started.

They’re asking for a yellow card for time wasting. Extend stoppage time!

One of the lesser known supergroups of the 90s, SpartanTorq Alpha, was an innovator in the ‘hat band’ movement that arose as the hair band movement wained. They shown here backstage when they opened for Power Station, during the short-lived ‘Safety Glasses Required’ tour.

This will go in the textbooks of the future to show FIRST Fashion as it develops

Let’s get judgy!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

wgorgen 38
LuiTheFly 38
gellnick 31
Leap 30
GaryVoshol 29
cgmv123 27
EricH 23
Wayne Doenges 20
Owen_Busler 8
GeeTwo 4
kingc95 4
Andy Baker 2