CDXI Teaser Video!

Just what we needed, right? … another Sprint/Nextel commercial spoof.

Ours has a little different approach, though.

Check it out … CDXI: Aiming High 8.9MB - MPEG-4](


Looks awesome.

Nice Job. Happy Ship Day…

LOL, that was hilarious!

Well then I think this is the first parody, of a parody of a parody of a parody! (CD-111-71-Nextel) Wow, and I like the addition of the robot. By the way great robot can’t wait to see you at GLR.

what program will run an mp4? i tried quicktime and wmp and got nothing. thanks.

It worked for me in Quicktime. Try .

The newest QuickTime Player, or iTunes, or an up-to-date Windows Media Player should all work. VLC is a cross-platform media player that may work, as well. (

That shooter looks a little fast… Whats the fps on that thing?

Nice robot and video CD!

Very impressed with the ball-drop - clever!

It was sped up for parts of the video (added dramatic effect) - it can be shifted down (yes, we can shift the ball launcher) and also we can reduce the speed at the controls.
We also had the camera about 6 inches away from the exit location for the close up shots.
We tested 4 times to make sure we are within the 12 m/s guideline.
*no poof balls were harmed during filming

The magic of video. Notice the position of the camera :slight_smile:

We tested several times using the process outlined by FIRST since they give us no better way to calibrate.

We are well within the distance.

You mean you didn’t use a light gate like we did? :slight_smile:

Someone used my quote. I knew it was a good one.
they were actually harmed way earlier. :rolleyes:

Lol :slight_smile: Cant live without some damage?

Nice vid I loved it :slight_smile: Good luck guys.


looks like a really nice robot, I don’t know how easy it will be to pickup balls 40+ feet away with a small opening like that. I’m sure you have figured that out though ;). Looks very good overall.

Funny video CD, and best of luck.

It did not escape my notice that a direct method for catching thrown balls was not present. An interesting strategy choice, to be sure.

Lol, nice video. Lovely music selection as well.

Sorry to report, does not open in WindowsMediaPlayer9 <cant open at all, VLC (newest) < crashes, or quicktime 6.5 <error msg…
:frowning: can someone convert to a more usable format and repost please? Ide love to see your video.


Windows Media Player 9 and Quicktime 6.5 are not the latest versions available.

You might want to download the newest versions of these players. Quicktime 7 opened the mp4 file fine. :slight_smile:

Quicktime 7 (Without iTunes) -
Windows Media Player 10** -