Cedar Point FIRST Gathering

Now that the time is drawing near, who is still planning on going on the 21st?

I’ve managed to convince the family to include the IRI and Cedar Point in a big all over the place vacation. Looking forward to both events and seeing lots of old friends.


I really wish the WildBeast could go…

Yea, I feel bad because I can’t go and essentially… I was the person who organized this. But work is work.

I hope a lot of you are still going! We should make this a tradition and hopefully I can attend in future years.


I can’t go…:frowning:

I just got done with signing my appartment least down in the Chicago area - and that set me a little back. :frowning:

I wish all the fun to the people that are going! :slight_smile:

I will be there with about 8 team members. Hope to see you there.