Cedar Point Trip

Our team goes on an annual Cedar Point trip, and was wondering if any other teams would like to go this year…

The date will be June 28th this year and we will be there all day, post if your interested, or have questions.

Darn… we already went. NASA Physics Day was May 19 and several representatives from our team (myself included! I didn’t go last year… :mad:) went up with our robot. We got a corner in a building with a NASA quiz game and got to talk to people and let them drive the 'bot if they wanted.

P.S. Top Thrill is good, but Millenium is better because it’s longer. Just as a hint for the interested. :slight_smile:

I think my family might be going that day, not sure yet. I’m a season pass holder and I go around 6 or more times a summer, its a lot of fun :stuck_out_tongue: But our team doesn’t do any type of trip there.

Id kill to have a season pass to Cedar Point! That place kills makes six flags look like a kiddy land lol best rides are at cedar point. Id love to convince my team to go…but i dunno if theyd go for it. too many people are busy i think

Ok well, you guys might think Cedar point is pretty good, but in my opinion (and i have been to both) I like Great Adventure here in NJ a little more. Even though its only 13 Roller Coasters instead of 16, but their are a couple “one of a kinds”

1.) World’s Tallest and Fastest Roller Coaster, Kingda Ka (128 mph & 456ft)
2.) Superman, one of the only roller coasters in the world where you actually Lie Flat while you go through the corkscrews and the loops.

and of course there are 11 others that are fun like Medusa and the New and improved Great American Scream Machine. But overall it matches up really well with Cedar Point.

Man, I’d love to go, but being the weekend after IRI, there’s no way I could get off work again (that and my trip to Colorado a few weeks before).

I do enjoy Cedar Point, and while I don’t want to turn this into a coaster war, I must say that I’d take Six Flags Great America as my home park over Cedar Point any day of the week!

Cedar Point is good at what it does - record breakers. As a whole, however, the park is missing something. Of course I’d love to have Millennium Force here in Chicago, but Raging Bull is no snoozer!

Cedar Point is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there :]


I have a pass to both Universal Studios parks in Orlando. Islands of adventure has a couple good coasters, but both parks are moneymakers because of there themes.

Thats all and good, but my bud Mike and I are planning on road-tripping to Cedar Pointe. However, to make the most of our time, we have decided to set it for after IRI, that way we can do both while up North. Sounds like a blast, anyone else going there around the time of IRI?

A Tuesday!!! What the heck? :ahh:

(And it also happens to be a day of the Last Quarter Moon, and exactly one week after the start of summer - But a Tuesday… :eek: )

id kill for that and airfare! Man i wish i could go…o well thou

677 might be interested, but I’d have to check how many people are interested in going. I know we’ve got at least 4 people out that direction anyway. We might be able to pull Dublin in too (I forget their number).

We will have 20+ people going. Look for our shirts.

Sorry we will miss the team days at Cedar Point which is easily the top park in the USA. My boys and I have driven there every summer for the past 7 years.

Since we have the low end Six Flags over GA here we always take a roller coaster summer vacation in our car that must include CP. This year we are driving to 7 parks in 7 days for a total of 2,800 miles. We always try to add a few new parks in each year.

We leave in a few days for Dorney Park, Knoebels Park & Kennywood Park in PA. That is followed by CP then Michigan’s Adventure, Paramount Kings Island in Cincinnati and then Holiday World in S. Indiana before heading back for Georgia.

Even though I am an old guy I still ride the fastest and tallest rides with my guys. You can’t beat fun at the amusement park!

Have fun on your team day visit to CP!

Dave :slight_smile:

If you’re going to be at Dorney, I’d recommend stopping in at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jersey while you’re local. I’ve been to both Dorney and Hershey a few times, and wasn’t really impressed by either. However, I got a season pass to Six Flags Great Adventure for the first time this year (it’s about 15 minutes from my house =p) and I’m addicted already. I’ve only had the pass a week and a half and I’ve been three times, and been on Kingda Ka front row already! But anyway, my point is, (in my opinion) Dorney’s weak compared to this Six Flags. I’ve been told it’s the best in the world as far as Six Flags go, but since i’ve never been to any others, I can’t really compare.

As you may already know, as soon as you get your season pass card at your local park, you can then use it at any 6 flags park across the nation. Found that out when I got my season pass to 6 flags New England a couple weeks ago, and saw Bowling For Soup at the free concert that day… w00t.

C.Roberts 1089 said

If you’re going to be at Dorney, I’d recommend stopping in at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jersey while you’re local.

Thanks for the suggestion. We did go to Great Adventure last year on our Six Flags season pass. We also used the pass at Magic Mountain in LA which is excellent. Both parks make our GA Six Flags look lame.

The new Kingda Ka looks like a great ride but it is very similar to Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. We also don’t have a Six Flags pass this year. I still believe that there is no better park for absolute thrill rides than Cedar Point in Ohio. We never omit that park from our annual coaster vacation.

Dorney may not be up to all of the other parks but we have not been there yet and we always try to add new parks each year. I have to say that we also enjoyed Hershey Park last year.

We are now visiting 8 parks in 7 days beginning Friday! :ahh:


For the fun of it -

Dorney Park – nice park, but there’s a bit too much, uh, concrete. It was vastly developed after being acquired by Cedar Fair, LLP and it shows. The upper part of the park has no shade and that awful white pavement. For my money, Laser and Talon are the best rides there, but I’d bet Hydra: The Revenge offers something nice, too. If you’re near Dorney, don’t visit nearby Six Flags Great Adventure. Instead, visit Knoebel’s in Elysburg, PA.

Hersheypark – this is a gorgeous park in an amazing little town. It is great for a family and offers some of the best wooden coasters on the east coast in Lightning Racer and Wildcat. Storm Runner’s probably not too shabby, either.

Six Flags Great Adventure – this park has some pretty nice rides, but is exceptionally lackluster in operation. In 1999, they installed, along with Medusa, an amazing package of some of the most unique flat rides in the United States – many of which had largely been seen only in Europe. By last year, most of those rides were gone. Still, Medusa is a top-notch ride and Batman & Robin: The Chiller is among the best if you catch it running. This park has so much potential and isn’t quite as bad as Six Flags Magic Mountain, but could be getting closer.

Six Flags Magic Mountain – this park is ruined by the most horrid operations I’ve seen at an amusement park, and I know a thing or two about amusement parks. I went with the Golds last summer and, though there was, at most, 100 cars in their lot, the wait times for the small handful of their 16 roller coasters that were open were atrocious. I waited in line for 45 minutes for Riddler’s Revenge despite their being no line outside its station because of single-train operation. That’s unacceptable for a park of its size and I doubt I’ll go back there anytime in the near future.

Cedar Point – it’s a clean, large, well-run park with a lot of history. But, I agree that it’s missing something and may actually be a bit too clean and generic these days. It’s roller coasters, while varied, are largely lackluster and uninspired. They have some other unique rides, and in the past have had some very unique rides, but they’re quickly disappearing.