Cedar Springs preschooler gets a Robohand for Christmas from West Catholic's robotics

I haven’t seen this posted yet, so I wanted to share this. It’s not stated in the article, but I believe this is the work of team 2075, Enigma. This is why I love FIRST.

Yes, Enigma (2075) is the West Catholic team. Great job guys!

Yes, Enigma worked on the hand with help from Mary Free Bed. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer.

Wow, always nice to see good things, especially when its revolving around FIRST students. This story makes me very happy. I hope those involved keep helping her out as she grows up.

This is so awesome im new to robotics (it be my first year and stuff) but the more I see what we do and the cool things we can make the more I fall in love with robotics.:slight_smile:

Sometimes “awesome” is inadequate.

where can the cad files be found? this is incredible!