Cell Phones

I am doing a project for my english class and I was wondering a way to find out the different rules that different schools had for the usage of cell phones… so i thought, what better way to reach people all across the country then delphi. So if you could take the poll, and/or explain the rules in the thread that would be great.


Are you looking for responses from High Schoolers only or College Students as well?

In High School, your phone was allowed to be on and you were allowed to use it in between classes and at lunch.

Here at Florida Tech, I guess its fair game. Some professors don’t let you use them, but most of them don’t care unless they cause a classroom disturbance

I voted according to the high school I used to go to.

As far as my college goes, phones are allowed. It is expected that you don’t use them in class. I have had a teacher that would dock your grade if your phone goes off during someone’s speech. I have also had one that doesn’t mind if it goes off, his rule is that he gets to answer the phone.

The school I teach allows students to have cell phones. Students are not to use them during class but we have many that do. If you are using it during class, a teacher has the right to take it away until the end of the period. The second time it goes to the administration office and stays there until the end of the day. The third time, your parent has to come pick it up from the administration office.

Some teachers even students use them in class. I allow students to use it as a calculator if they do not have one otherwise.

We have a math teacher who has the students use text messaging in class. Another teacher used camera phones in class to help teach some concepts.

I am looking at some software that allows people to vote via cell phones during a presentation.

We used the program JOTT team to communicate with each other this year as well.

Before first period, after last period, and during lunch.

Failing to do follow these rules results in the phone being taken, no warnings assessed.

This is all at the discresion of the teacher. There are laid back teachers who don’t usually care, and there are some teachers who are the opposite.

my high school wouldn’t let you use them at all, i did the usual, duck and txt technique, or the hoodie with bluetooth headset (Jawbone+wisper=perfect) technique… both worked extremly well.

in college, were free to use them, but i have morals, and if i do get a call, it’s on vibrate and i step outside the class to take the call (i work for AT&T and do auditing for 7 stores in the Charlotte area in NC. so i do get quite a few calls during the day)

i also saw this a few days ago, might be a good read

At my college, it’s pretty much anywhere anytime, unless you are in class. Some profs will simply make a comment (“musical interlude”), but others…

Two of my profs have had a “rule”: If your phone goes off in class, you bring goodies the next time, for the entire class. So far, no one has brought goodies while I was in class.

My high school says “not during class”. I can’t remember when they are allowed, mainly because I didn’t have one.

Technically students are not allowed to even bring them to school with them. However, everyone at least carries them turned off, and some teachers don’t mind an occasional ring in class.

In my high school, the student handbook says that if any “non-school-related electronic device” is discovered, it is turned into the main office and can be retrieved from the principal.

Now, as far as practice, most teachers don’t bother. Some have their own rules–one teacher in particular will confiscate the device and return it at the end of the day; no administration is involved here.

It also depends on the student. I tend to be a “teacher’s pet”, so I have answered a call in class and the teacher just looked at me funny and let it slide. If it happened all the time, the rules would begin to apply, but making friends with the teachers and establishing yourself as a “good kid” definitely helps.

And I sent more than ten text messages today. I am discreet enough about it that most don’t notice.


Hah! That is hilarious. At our school, it is allowed during passing time and lunch. They are not too strict about it in class either unless it causes a disturbance.

According to the rulebook, no electronic devices other than school computer allowed during school hours.

According to enforcement, some teachers are very lenient (one lets us plug MP3 players into his speakers during class, as long as the music isn’t difficult to work with; another doesn’t mind us listening to music on our own while working, after tests, etc.). No teacher will let anyone use a phone during class unless they get specific permission, and if a phone rings the student isn’t allowed to answer (usually - if they are, it’s pretty much to say “don’t call me, I’m in school right now”).

Ironically, it’s mostly parents who call during school hours (according to the teachers I’ve spoken to about this).

At our school, phones are “strictly prohibited” during school hours; from first period to ninth period, there is to be no use of them, unless you go to the main office and request permission to call your parents. However, most teachers just provide a warning if a phone goes off during class, and then take it away for the rest of the day on the second occurance (it gets sent down to the principal, and the school policy is that they may check whatever’s on it; he must get a good laugh from some text messages.) However, some teachers (Latin) don’t care how much we use it during class, as long as we do our work and don’t cause a disruption.

I have also had one that doesn’t mind if it goes off, his rule is that he gets to answer the phone.

I have one who not only does that, but also pretends to be the kid for some time.

Can’t use them in school AT ALL. Before 7:10 they are fair game and after 2:30 they are fair game but between those times you better be prepared with $15 dollars because if your phone gets taken up because you took it out (for any reason from time to text) your phone gets confiscated and you must pay to get it back from your principal’s secretary.

The thing is though, everybody texts in class and half the teachers don’t care. Some will take up for duration of the class and give back at the end of day for no fine while others follow the school rules strictly.

I don’t have a cell phone (wow), so I’ve never had any personal experience with the school’s policy, but I’ve heard and and seen it many times. During lunch and free periods (or any time you’re in the commons), there are no problems with having cell phones or other electronic devices out. If you’re in a class or study hall, however, it’s a different story. One of the study hall moderators is fine with any electronic device as long as the room is quiet; the other does not allow anything but books and paper to be out (and possibly a calculator), and if he sees headphones or a headset, they (and the device they go to) end up in the office.

Different teachers have different policies as well. Some will take the cell phones and give them back at the end of the class, some will follow official rules and hand them over to the office (first offense: end of the day, second offense: end of year, parent must pick up), and others have their own methods of punishing people who use them (one teacher will erase everything on the phone, even if it takes him a few hours). Most teachers warn, then take the phones. Very few people will pull their phones back out after a warning.

During passing time, there are hall monitors (yes, I know, “in a high school?”) that watch us and will confiscate any visible electronic device. They do not give warnings, and follow school policy strictly.

The stupidest thing is that most of the people are required to carry them at all times by their parents, even though the parents know they’re not supposed to be brought to school. Just one of the things that annoys me about the people here….

One of my physics profs had a rule that if your phone goes off, at the end of the quarter you buy pizza for the entire class.

Mine were freshman English Composition (donuts) and Calc II (cookies), next class. Found out about Calc II when someone’s phone went off and they wre warned that the next time it happened…

Most of the syllabi have an “electronics” policy that gives an idea of what is expected. It’s impossible to ban all electronics–some classes require a laptop–so most will strongly discourage them. My history prof allowed laptops unless he was showing a movie, in which case he’d call “Screens down.”

Then again, I didn’t have a cell phone until the middle of the fall semester and now that I have one, I keep it off until I’m done with classes for the day.

At my school the rule is No cell phones in class, but some teachers dont care. Seniors never really get busted for it. Some teachers will let you use it during study halls.

We’re not supposed t ohave our phones on us, but everyone has them anyways. My parents consider it a safety issue; I just keep it off.

Up until my sophomore year of high school, phones were not allowed in school, period. you weren’t even allowed to use it after the bell rang at the end of the day.

In college, one of my professors (college writing) made us all take out our phones at the beginning of class and turn them off. in the syllabus it said if she caught us texting even once, then she would make us leave and we would have an absence for the day. I think this is a little extreme, but I understand and respect her policy. Most professors don’t care otherwise, I just think its rude to them and to other students when a phone goes off.