Celt-X 5406 Robot Reveal

I am extremely proud to present Celt-X’s fourth robot: “Tipsy”. To mark the occasion, we’re releasing not one, but two reveal videos by our talented marketing team:

Feel free to ask any questions about our team or robot. See you at Ryerson and McMaster. Good luck teams!

PS, our climbing strategy isn’t yet finished, so more surprises to come!

Looks great guys, cant wait to compete with you at Ryerson in a few weeks!

Thanks Gabe! There’s going to be some good competition at Ryerson - we’ll have to work hard to match your team’s awesome robot!

Here’s the highlight reel of our successful trip to the 2018 Ryerson University District Event. Thank you to our alliance partners 1114 and 6878 for going all out on the field with us and taking home a blue banner! A huge effort played by 4039, 2706 and 6917 as the finalists for the event!

Can I just mention how much I love our marketing team? Great vid, and great weekend for Celt-X!

It was great to watch you this weekend, you guys did an awesome job. We are hoping to join you in the RoboDrome before McMaster!

That is a lot of technical fouls…

Joking aside, these machines look really impressive, and clean. Good luck this season!

We got our McMaster Hype video ready. :smiley:

See you all on the field!