Center Goal?

well…i was reading the rule book(Arena Section)and i was trying to find how high is the center goal from the ground. does anyone kno? :confused:

i think its 8’ 6" or maybe 6’ 8" cant remember

It is 8’ 6"

it’s 8 feet 6 inches. and the circle has a 30 inch diameter

thanks everyone!! :cool: is that from the center of the circle, the bottom, or the top?

from the center of the circle

The field specs can be found in Section 3 The Arena. Also there are blueprints at:


It is great that everyone is trying to help. That is what the spirt of the Chief Delphi Forum is all about.

However, it is very important that you do the following things when you are answering an question:

  1. Avoid providing confusing answers. Replies like “I am not sure but i think it might be this or might be that” does the person absolutely no good and will only serve to confuse everyone.
  2. Quote directly from the manual or any official responds from FIRST.
  3. Indicate the exact place where you got the answer.

If everyone can do these simple things, it will make things so much more simplier around here. And the responds you give will allow the person to look up the answer at the appropriate, thereby learning how to find answers on their own.

For example, to answer the question in this thread, the answer can be found in Document #3, The Arena, section 3.2.3.

“The Center Goal is located above each Alliance Station. The center six-foot section of each Alliance Station Wall extends to approximately 10-1/2 feet above the floor. A 30-inch diameter opening is located in the extended portion of the wall, centered at 8 feet, 6 inches above the floor. The opening is outlined by a 4-inch wide border of red or blue acrylic. The opening is backed by a rope mesh and suspended chains to absorb the impact of any scoring objects going through the opening.”

Any further need of specs can be found at where the specific blueprint of the goals and arena pieces are provided.

Thank you very much. Go Teams!