Center Hang-The Single Most Valuable Solo Action?

So my team was working on prioritising functions today and we put hanging pretty high. I got to thinking that if we’re going to attempt to hang, maybe it’s a good idea to design a bot that could climb in the middle and balance the the Generator Switch by itself would actually score 40 points, and could easily Co-op with two other hanging bots who could otherwise balance the scales for that sweet 75 to 90 points range, and most designs I can think of that would work on the middle can be applied further down the rung on either side as well to climb with another robot or even attempt to balance it with another robot

So it would seem to me being able to climb in the middle becomes the single most valuable action a single robot can do in the game? Especially since I’m sceptical an alliance will average more than 15 balls a match week 1 or 2. Thoughts?


In terms of points per action, yes. And I think that will land a team high on pick lists for early events. Throw a buddy climb platform on the side and you can get 65 points.

As time goes on I think robots capable of shooting will also be adding climbers. It might prove more difficult to add a shooter to a dedicated climber.


We’ve been looking at this as well, and we’ve been debating making our robot a dedicated climber. By doing this, we could potentially nail a triple climb. But you lose all other offensive action during the match. Meaning you need to be a really good defensive bot as well. We are still toying around with the idea, but there’s just so much to fit in such a small package.

Well our number one priority after driving is a simpl,precise, and accurate shooter, followed almost immediately by climbing mechanism. But since we’re definitely going for a hang it seems a middle hang mechanism is the best. I dont think id sacrifice dedicated hang to offense in the long run though… but for week one only maybe

We were along those lines, but we don’t know if we are at the design level to out perform climbing points. We have been trying to find a way to climb 10/10, and do balls 5/10.

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