Center Line Tracking

This year we’re looking to do some line tracking during autonomous. Using the camera doesn’t seem feasible at this point, and we’re under the assumption the standard IR line trackers (like in the VEX kits) will not function very well due to the what we understand the field material to be (green carpet and non-reflective gaffer’s tape). Does anyone have any suggestion on a sensor capable of doing this?

There’s a copuple of ways you could go about this:
1.Open loop–you calculate how much the robot will move to do whatever you want it to do, and then program the speeds, headings, and distances making sure that you never cross the line.
2.Semi-open loop–you use devices like encoders/gyros to track your robot’s position relative to the line and modify behavior accordingly
3.Fully closed loop–you have a sensor that tracks the position of the line. This is not necessarily as daunting as it sounds–keep in mind that although the gaffer’s tape is “non-reflective”, it reflects significantly different frequencies than the carpet.

I would use the camera, it might seem hard but would be a lot easier than you think and more accurate than the other methods posted (although they are very good methods). The image code from last year would be pretty close to what you would do now, you just have a lot longer “light”. If you need help with the camera or you need help with a different method I would be more than happy to assist.

Anyone consider using OPTEK Technology OPB720A long distance reflective switches for this activity?