Center Shooter vs Offset Shooter

I’m not a programmer but programming wise, would it be easier or harder to aim a bot that has a shooter in the centerline of the bot vs one that has a shooter offset to one side of the bot?

Mechanical wise I can see that depending how the bot is setup, it could offset the balance of the bot.

If you’re purely relying on the driver to line up the shot, I’d assume there isn’t much of a difference since the driver will need to learn where to line up, regardless of where the shooter is located.

As for vision targeting, I also don’t believe it matters as the vision processing should find the distance to the target and adjust your mechanism (flywheel speed, turret angle, launch angle, etc.) to aim correctly.

The math does get a bit more difficult if you have mechanical restrictions (turret angle, flywheel speed, launch angle, offset camera), but that isn’t directly affected by where the shooter is located on your robot.

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From playing the simulator on both controller and keyboard, I find that if there was auto-aim, my shots would go in better. I usually just shoot for the 2pt, hope it goes in the 3. I don’t aim for the dead center, i usually come up at an angle so it bounces off and goes in. I’ve played a bit with @BrendanG3739 and when I lined up center, he came in to push me off, so keep that in mind.

What is this simulator you speak of?

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A long, well known dilemma, going back to WWII airplanes. Guns in the nose, vs guns on the wings.

I think the best solution is the one they used in WWII…a workable gun sight.

In Stronghold, originally the plan was to sight with a camera, but the time spent looking down at the drive screen caused delay, was too slow.

At our second regional, we (and many other teams) added a tac-light focused so it would make a square about a foot across as a sight. When it was aimed at the goal, the robot was aimed at the best spot. Increased our shooting percentage by about double.

Note, the judges allowed that in 2016, but required that it be only switched on when actively in use, aiming. Not kept on. Lasers not allowed then or now.

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