Centering, and other tools, in Inventor?

I can’t figure out how to center the parts in an assembly.

I also forgot how to rotate, using a keyboard, and resize using a keyboard.

Any help would be apperciated.

Not exactly sure what your question is, but you can place a constraint on the centerline of a cylinder. Hope that helps.

What I mean is something like in max, you can enter the XYZ location/orientation, and it corrisponds, rather than using the mouse to move/rotate it.

Go to the “3D spin mode” and click space bar, then you can move the object in a set range of rotation. I’m not sure if that answers your question but it always helps when draw something wrong and you need to make it look like its in isometeric view when its really not.

I don’t know if I really understand what you are asking. What do you mean by “centering the parts in an assembly”? If you mean how do you get a specific piece in the middle of another piece, you just need to use regular constraints. Once you have placed the constraint all you have to do is use the offset feature in order to orient one piece in the direct middle of another. Let’s say you have a 2"x2" block and u want to place a 1"x1" block exactly in the middle of the 2x2…We can put a mate command between both surfaces which will attach the two pieces together. Then, we can put a flush constraint on the top of both pieces and to the left of both pieces. Now the 1x1 will be squared up in the upper left hand corner of the 2x2. Then in the Model Tree go and find the two flush constraints. Choose one of them first and at the bottom of the Model Tree there will be a little box where you can set the offset. So, set a horizontal offset to the middle of the 2x2 and a vertical offset to the center of the 2x2 and now you have constrained the 1x1 box in the middle of the 2x2 box. Hope this helps and if this really wasn’t what your question was referring to, post a more specific one or just feel free to ask me, id be more than happy to help.

-To Zoom you hold F3 down
-To Zoom all there is NO hotkey or shortcut you simply have to go to the button that looks like a box with four arrows pointing from the inside to the outside edge.
-To Rotate you hold F4 down

There are very few hot keys in inventor. I think that this is the biggest down side to inventor. The fact that you have very limited abiltity to customize your user interface is a bad idea.

If you have a mouse with a wheel…

Hold down the middle mouse button (wheel) - this will pan the view
Move the scroll wheel in and out - this will zoom

To zoom to a specific part (or parts):

Select the part you wish to zoom to (for multiple parts hold down ctrl while you select them).

Hit the “zoom to enities” button on the view toolbar (I attatched a image, the button you want has a red box around it in my image).