Central Flordia Video

Does anyone have video from Central Flordia? specificly matches with 179?

soap108.com has video. From what I saw, 179 never went over the wall. I also don’t believe they made it past qualifying. Their robot sure does look cool though.

No, Swamp Thing never got to go over the ramp, but once they got auto working, they took all the boxes off the ramp with one shot (which got so much cheering) But over all, they auto messed up a lot, and well, now they are thinking of going to a new design for Nationals. Eh, if you do find videos, get the one with them and S.P.A.M. (180) that was awesome.

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** Eh, if you do find videos, get the one with them and S.P.A.M. (180) that was awesome. **

Yeah, that was pretty awesome…If only the &*$#&) box cam wasnt there, all of us webcast viewers could of seen the great auto modes hitting the wall. Although I do agree its awesome that they took out the entire wall, as was proved later in the match, it didnt even matter since SPAM and Swamp Thing lost.


Eh, Swamp Thing sorta gave up playing, since their Auto stopped working, but I beliee it was yesterday, dunno if they web casted that one, they took out the whole wall (it was so sweet) Yea, I know, I ain’t on any of these Teams, but I know some of the memebers, so I usually find out why they did what now where (works good when we compete against them) But our Team and Swamp Thing always seem to do good with each other, we won ours last year with them, and this year. Pitty they didn’t get it working good till end of the day yesterday…Then it messed up today.

It was sad with 179, I was expecting them to always take down all the stacks perfectly as they had done in a few matches. But after somewhile, their auto code started to get flaky, and they would hit the wall.

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**It was sad with 179, I was expecting them to always take down all the stacks perfectly as they had done in a few matches. But after somewhile, their auto code started to get flaky, and they would hit the wall. **

Yea, I know, it was so sad. Liek our match with them, liek 16 or something, we both did perfect and won. But I mean, it pained me to see it not working, cause now they are thinking abotu re-doing their robot and I really liked the design that they had, so it is kida sad and depressing.

Well, atleast you guys made it out to the finalist round thing. We did good when we went with you all, and mad props on your all’s tipping power on that one bot. Sorry we couldn’t be of assistance with our, umm…errr…not functioning bot, hee hee.

Hopefully Swamp Thing will be there to impress us again at Nationals, I can’t wait to see their bot, and team members ::wink:: ::joke::

Swamp thing had a pretty sweet robot. Even though auto mode didn’t always work, to design something like that is pretty hard. It’s especially hard to stray away from the normal “box” you have to fit in. I can only imagine the thought and design that went into making that robot. They still do have a while until nationals. It’s a competitive bot and who knows, in a few weeks at nationals they could be knocking down every stack during every match like they did at UCF. :slight_smile:

SWAMP thing’s robot was well built, and a tough opponent. We should know, we flipped when we collided with their bot!:yikes:

dide that was fun when whrn i saw ramtech on top of me i just felt like pushing those sticks a little more

and btw if anyone comes along the video of that match (#59) i would l love to get it

Yeah, i was expecting to face Swamp Things Auto mode at the end of the QP matches Saturday, but they apparantly turned it off, and it was the round when it worked, kind of tainted the victory, i wanted to see what would have happend.

Thanks for all the posts regarding our bot.

All the kids and mentors worked very hard on making this design work! Imagine, how many other teams have both a vertical AND horizontal drive system?? We start on two inline drive wheels and two inline free wheels (vertical position) then our double-hinge allows us to transition during the autonomous mode to SIX inline drive wheels across a TEN-foot span (horizontal).

By the beginning of week 6 we had hacked-up and re-welded our robot frame about 5 times and had autonomous code tweaked and working great, but due to a minor weight problem and a few more mods, we were forced to change some hardware.

On Thursday, we spent time trying to tweak the autonomous codes to match the playing field and the added mods, but we encountered two major problems.

  1. For some reason, the 2 switches we setup on joystick port #4 to select starting position (L/R) and play mode were no longer being read by the robot controller during startup and autonomous mode (worked fine during 6 week build period) - so we were forced to load the play before the match.
  2. Our horizontal drive motors were running intermittantly and had to be changed out late Thursday.

So, we used Friday to finish tweaking the auto codes during the actual matches. I would watch the match with the laptop/code in front of me and make note where changes needed to be made and our greatest asset, Dan (mentor-mechanical designer extraordinaire) would tell me how much to tweak it.

Saturday went better, but impossible to make up score-wise.

Guaranteed we’ll have our codes ready for Finals and with a few new moves. Look out for that ten foot evil grinning wedge and be very careful when driving over us at high speeds!!

Look forward to seeing and competing with everyone in Houston.

BTW, it was match number 72 when we finally nailed the code and autonomous mode worked PERFECTLY!!

179 and 180 match, heck while we still lost it was a whole lot fun. Especially climbing over 179’s bot. But 179’s greatest attribute (ability to span the entire ramp) is its greatest weakness. Push it on the end, it rotates.