Central Illinois finals match 13

Does anybody have video of the first eliminations match 13 from the Central Illinois Regional? It seems like the blue alliance pulled it down. This match was replayed. In the first match the red alliance won. In the second match the blue alliance won. Also thoughts of the replay decision.


I also can’t find any of the twitch streams from this event. There were some amazing dance moves my team was throwing up on the board that I was hoping to clip after the fact.

Anyone know how twitch archives these?


They used to do both twitch archives and split YT Videos, but the twitch archives were disabled over DMCA concerns.

Otherwise, videos can be found here.. If its not here youre likely completely out of luck unless someone at the event was recording it.

Yeah It only looks like the replay match is available.

Yes, the first play is not uploaded.

Our driver went out with the FTA to inspect after the decision was made. He did confirm the field was indeed damaged.


Can you clarify to what the damage was exactly?
So teams can survey the field prior to the start of the match.
As these fields get used throughout the season, I fear this is going to become more and more prevalent

The corner of one of the aluminum plates (“spatulas”) velcroed to the carpet that the charge station ramp slides on curled up. It was unclear if that prevented the charge station from lowering and ultimately prevented the blue alliance from being able to get on and balance. The FTA had one retrieved from the practice field and the match was replayed.


Kyle’s got the answer. I didn’t see any of it myself, just received a verbal description of the same.

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Okay, thank you for the clarification. I will definitely be looking for this in future events as our robot gets set on the field.

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You can see what the “field fault” looks like when 5653 shoots at the charge station during every match we play, when approaching it fast. You can also see examples of their alliance creating the fault in match 3 and 8 when a little agressive on the ramp. They were smooth in their next two matches, but apparently the field broke again in the semi-final when they were quickly trying to triple climb and failed. Otherwise, it was a great event.