Central Missouri Regional this year

Wondering if anyone knows if there is going to be a Central Missouri Regional this year? I see where Heartland and Greater KC are both on now the First Event list.

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I’ve heard events are planned for weeks 3, 4, and 6. So I’d assume that it would be the last week if at Smith-Cotton. That seems to coincide with when school either have Spring Break or otherwise can be out.

Here is what I’ve pieced together:

  • Oklahoma Regional | March 9-12 | Shawnee Ok (FireLake Arena?)
  • Heartland Regional | March 16-19 | Olathe South
  • Greater Kansas City | March 23-26 | Lee’s Summit North
  • Iowa Regional | March 23-26 | Cedar Falls / McLeod Center
  • Central Mo ? Regional | April 6-9 ? | TBD/Smith-Cotton ?
  • Green Country Regional | April 6-9 | Tulsa, OK (site?)

There are also the Wisconsin & Minnesota regionals on the event calendar. I didn’t have dates for Colorado or Arkansas.

edit: St. Louis, Memphis are a couple others that aren’t too far away but I hadn’t looked for. Also, hadn’t looked for ones in Louisiana either because it is inconvenient from here. Rocket City would be fun to go back to, but I hadn’t looked for it either because it is a long drive too.

Tulsa will be at Expo Square (the fairgrounds). Both Oklahoma venues are new venues to FRC. Hopefully we’ll be back in OKC in 2023, at the new convention center, but there is work to be done before then. The old convention center (where the Oklahoma Regional was held for over a decade) is now soundstages for a film production company, as we seem to suddenly have a booming film industry in the state.


Here was the slide I have for our team for regionals. Several not included (like Minneapolis, Duluth, Grand Forks, Utah, Midwest, Central Ill, Miami Valley, Buckeye, Smoky Mountain, or Bayou).

I did notice that Central Mo will be a Sunday finals event. Also it is on Week 5, it appears (March 31 - Apr 3):

edit: Distances not to scale.

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