Central Missouri Regional

We want to thank all of the volunteers, judges, and other teams for their hard work at the inaugural Central Missouri Regional in Sedalia, Missouri. Even though our results were not what we had hoped for, our team had a wonderful experience at the event. It was big surprise and extremely cool that every team there received a new Kobalt toolbox from Stanley/Black&Decker.

Congratulations to 1987, 1939, and 1094 on your winning alliance. We had a blast playing against in you quarter-finals and we wish you the best of luck at Championships.

Also congratulations to 2451 PWNAGE for your chairman’s award. We hadn’t met your team before this weekend, but we were impressed by everything your team did. The information, guidance, and encouragement you gave our students is greatly appreciated. We were thrilled when you selected us to be on your alliance.

Also, thank you to 4522 SCREAM for hosting this event at your school. Your team, your mentors, and your parents all stepped up to help make this a great time. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to use your practice field during the season, but seeing a little bit of what you did behind the scenes to make this event memorable was awesome. We are already looking forward to next year’s event.


Ditto to everything BCR-Jim said. Team 1987 would again like to thank our alliance partners Teams 1939 the Kuhnigits and Team 1094 the Channel Cats. Both of your level 2 climbs and game piece manipulation were vital to helping our alliance. Working with both of your teams was an absolute pleasure and can’t wait to see you guys both compete at worlds as well.

Also congratulations to team 2451 PWNAGE I had a great time sitting next to you guys and getting to know you on Sunday. Your alliance gave us a run for our money in Quarters and I was thrilled that you guys were able to qualify for champs. Great luck in Detroit.

Also finally want to give a big thank you, and congratulations to Michael Wright for winning Woodie Flowers finalists, and team 4522 team scream. Your team were phenomenal hosts and we couldn’t be happier with how this event was run. You had an excellent alliance and gave us another tough run in Semifinals. Good luck and can’t wait to see toy guys in Houston as well.


We had a blast at the Central Missouri Regional this weekend. We had some tough luck in the qualifiers, but thanks to alliance captains 1987 and 1094, we pulled off our first ever regional win. Couldn’t have asked for better alliance partners. It meant so much to our team! I don’t think I’ve ever seen three matches in a row that were won by a combined 2 points before. I can’t imagine it can get any closer than that. All of the alliances we played against were formidable to say the least!!

Wanted to add my congrats to Michael Wright (4522) for a well deserved WFFA win. Thanks to 4522 and the Central Missouri RPC for putting on such a smooth event. You guys thought of everything and the venue was great. Also, congrats to 5437 (REI) and 2451 (RCA) for your big wins. We’re happy that 3931 got the Wild Card and look forward to seeing you all at champs!

I truly enjoyed getting to chat with friends old and new, but wanted to give a particular shout out to The Synthesizers 6886 for helping us with CNC work on our hatch grabber. We would love to go bowling with you guys some time! Also, a quick shout out to Apophis 5006 for your kindness from the time we ran into each other at McDonald’s to the closing ceremonies. Thanks to all the teams that attended for making it a great event! Finally, wanted to thank Laser 3284 for your general awesomeness. You are an inspiration to us.


Want to add in a special thank you to Jason D., who was a CSA there. My students want ti adopt him as a additional mentor/honarary mentor for our team. His patience with us, and willingness to give advice on general FRC “stuff” beyond just the technical issues was very insightful.


:heart: Happy to help! You guys are fun to work with! I thought all of the volunteers at Heartland, Iowa, and Central MO were all wonderful and was really happy to work with them.

I was really sad to see 6886, 6424 (who I CSA’d at all 3 of their events), 5006 and several more teams that had excellent robots not get a spot at worlds. Excited for when “Missouri” moves to districts and is able to better recognize the teams that play well all year long but just don’t end up in the finals.

Can’t wait to see everyone at State Championship and I will make it a point to come back over here to “Western Missouri” as much as I can after I move to STL in July.

I am still not sure which team I will be with after I move to St. Louis but right now I think I like the idea of being a CSA during the build season to help as many different teams as I can. PM me any time I would love to help however I can!


I would like to take a moment here to celebrate the partnership between the teams, the inspection crew, the CSAs, the field crew, and our FTA. Over the course of this entire event, there were six robots on the field for every match. Nobody got bypassed, and with a single robot-match exception, everybody’s camera feed to the driver station worked in every match.

Keeping in mind that I might have missed something, I was with my scouts for most of the event, and I didn’t see anyone have a battery or a bumper segment leave the robot during a match. Although a few robots (including mine in our first match due to a loose wire on the Rio) had the odd 30 second nap and there were a few breakdowns, I don’t remember seeing a single robot sit motionless the entire match. I’ve been doing this for fourteen seasons, and I’ve never seen an event that clean before.


Yes throughout the competition we had comparatively very few breakdowns. I didn’t encounter any robots that broke down that I didn’t find a pretty immediate fix. Up until Sunday morning we had 100% cross the line (which means they moved at some point during the match).

I was also amazed at the number of inspectors that came out. I think on Friday we had something like 11 inspectors (almost 1 per 3 teams) and several of them new and getting trained. That is exactly what we need to lay the foundation of volunteers for future competitions.


I was impressed by the team support, and was fortunate to spend a lot of time with 7729 RAMs, getting to see many teams helping firsthand. Thanks 5006 for tools and a student pretty much constantly, to 6424 for building bumper mounts, having students over to solve any problem, and for your generosity helping them get their robot to worlds, to 3284 for building out the rest of their pneumatics, and to 5422 and 1802 for programming support. Reading more the school they are from, it takes students based on testing merit, which was clear talking with each of them. I feel at Central MO they learned a lot about the spirit of FIRST and will be effective stewards for it in Turkey.

Congrats to the winners and finalist. Glad to see happy tears for 1939, and we’ve appreciated being able to help them with GBG. Congrats also to Malcolm from 5119 for Dean’s List, his Java lessons at Massive Mini didn’t quite convert me but he is model for our FIRST students. And I commend 5119 students for presenting Chairman’s for their first time (since Rookie year), which is milestone for their growth in sustainable STEM programs. Thanks to all the volunteers and hope to see all next season.


What a great regional! From the time we drove into town until we left, we felt very welcome in Sedalia. The Convention and Visitor’s bureau did a great job of getting the community involved! The food trucks outside were great to have as an option, but the venue/planning committee, staff and volunteers really made it a great event. If you are looking for an event to attend next year, I’d put Sedalia at the top of your list. And I have to lift up our Alliance Captain (1987) and partners (1939) for the great teamwork and strategy in the elimination matches. Every match was a nail-biter! Feed the FISH!


I loved the event. The atmosphere was amazing and the weekend was so enjoyable. I was honestly stunned when we drove into town and saw welcomes to robotics teams from businesses every where we could look.


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