Central NJ Remote Kickoff- Hosted by team 1403


January 6th, 2007 (as if it needed to be said)

**Where: **
Montgomery High School
1016 Route 601
Skillman, NJ 08558-1799

This is an official FIRST kickoff and we will be distributing kits!

We can accomodate a maximum of up to 25 teams, so sign up soon!
Workshops are TBD.

See you all there!



Go to: “New Jersey, Skillman”
contact:Tim Leicht (formerly of 303) , [email protected]

…You guys are insane :stuck_out_tongue:

So ive said this many times before, and ill say it again…1403 is an awesome team to be with…they are always way too happy to help, a great team on the field, and off the field.

and Monty Madness i feel safe saying

1403 always puts on a good show…

Finally a kick-off that is not and hour away.


  1. did the approval go through?

  2. what is the sign up procedure?


Approval did go through. We are official. Sign up for our event as though you were signing up for any other kickoff event.

Some news for everyone attending our kickoff event. AndyMark will be setting up and displaying their products for everyone to view. You will be able to see some of their products and order them through the representative who will be there.

We have about 16 teams attending this kickoff. We’ll post the list and have the agenda for everyone soon.

Special thank you to Andy Baker and Mark Koors for making this possible.

I wish I could have gotten my team to listen haha. Now we have to leave at 7:30… we could have left later. And plus, Team 1403 **is ** kool to hang with haha

hooray! 1923’s gonna be there.

Is there a time/agenda available for the event?

Edit: Just read your post. Looking forward to knowing because I need the arrival time for transportation purposes.

So far it looks like we have about 16 teams (including 1403) attending (with room for more!). The team is working out some of the extras for the kickoff (discussions, food, AndyMark tables, visitors ect.) And we all look forward to everyone coming, it should be an exciting and enlightening day for all.