Central Valley Regional 2019

Starting this thread, is there a practice schedule posted? I don’t see one on the FIRSTInspires site.

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I don’t see a practice match schedule, but on a side note 1323 played one of the best solo runs I’ve seen of this game in practice match 23. 2.5 disc auto, filled the rocket, got some game pieces on the cargo ship, and level 3 climbed like it was nothing. Hella sick.


5026 pulls off the first triple climb ever Q76. Did it again in F1


1072 had a very nice time at CVR. We had a great time connecting with friends and meeting new ones. We were able to test our new scouting system and managed to get over 700 responses. For Sacramento we should have some upgrades for managing discrepancies in data but it has been amazing so far.

Although we had a couple miscues, we settled into a rhythm and got some good cycles in. Very thankful to 5026 for picking us and to 4135 for joining our alliance. The triple climb was awesome and was a great success!

We are super stoked to have qualified for Houston for two years in a row and looking forward to add some more capabilities.

Massive thanks to the organizers, it was well run and we had a great time.


You had an amazing robot. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see what you guys add for Sacramento and Champs.

Just finished out recap video, hope you all enjoy! https://youtu.be/q29h3ALmlQs

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