Central Valley Team: 3495 Mentor Needed

We are a team operating out of Edison High School in Fresno California, and in need of FRC experience. If you are located in the central valley area and are interested in helping us out, contact me at [email protected].

A note of endorsement: Team 3495 MindCraft is an upcoming program that has been producing quality robots for several years. If you’re interested, this team is on the rise.

Seconded. They’re a great team with a great program.

With the Computech program at Edison (alumnus CO 1993) there has got to be a wealth of local smarts to lend their time and experience to this team.

When I first became a mentor to a team (399), my first thought was “this is totally up my alma mater’s alley. I sure hope they have a team.”

I have followed this team the past two years as they have a student on the team who’s parents are good friends of mine. The jump they took from last year to this year was extremely impressive. I am equally impressed with the outreach efforts they are promoting.

If I ever had to move back to Fresno, I would be a mentor for them in a heartbeat. The potential for tapping into brilliance within their Computech program is huge.