Cero and Electrical Help!

My team started late on putting together the electronics. But we got everything ready for the benchtest, the jaguars LED lights kept on flashing orange. Untill some how it finally work. Out configuration was check out by our mentor and said everything is wired right. So, then we update the system and the jagaurs won’t work. We think it may be the cero. What is your idea’s?

Tell us what you updated, and how you did it. Describe what the Driver Station displays on its screen. Without more information, it’s hard to give good guesses as to what might be the problem.

My guesses: maybe you didn’t update both the cRIO and the Driver Station, or maybe you didn’t set your team number properly on both of them.

Did you download any program into the cRIO?

If you don’t have any code downloaded, what do you expect it to do?

Try downloading a simple program like the Robot Main when you start a new project.
Only do this if you have updated both the cRIO and the ds.