Certificate issue?

I’m not sure if this is a long term issue or not, but I got some security warnings when pulling up the site for the first time - it looked like the certificate may have been bad, or it wasn’t using https like expected or something. I advanced through those warnings and am not seeing them any more… don’t know if that’s because things got fixed, or because something is being cached locally to make the browser ignore them.


It may be complaining about some assets not using https … I will get that fixed.


It’s not that. The browser gets a cert for www.chiefdelphi.com when navigating to chiefdelphi.com. Because the FQDN doesn’t match, the browser complains.


Here’s a screenshot showing it. Also note that before the browser catches the redirect for the first time, you get a TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error. I suspect your Apache config is being fidgety.

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I had that issue earlier when I first tried resetting the password. Changing from firefox to chrome helped me but that may just be because chrome tends to be less fidgety.

Yep, will get that fixed in a bit.

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Actually, it’s both.

I can’t currently upload an image, but look at your browser console.

Yeah, I had to use imgur.

Anyway, this actually happens before any page content is loaded, so they are two totally separate issues. Here’s some curl output demonstrating what I’m talking about.

Openssl shows the issue quite clearly.

The mixed content errors are totally separate. If you look at your console, those all originate from www.chiefdelphi.com, which is covered under the certificate. It just uses the wrong protocol.

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Using Chrome, I get an error trying to open the website, but not when I’m in incognito mode.

Chrome caches the result of the redirect from chiefdelphi.com to www.chiefdelphi.com. On a clean install of chrome, you would get it in incognito, too.

I just added an exception in Firefox so it ignores the warning.

Saw the same with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Total of 4 times since yesterday.

[Details ](javascript:expandCollapseDetails(‘infoBlockID’); )

The hostname in the website’s security certificate differs from the website you are trying to visit.


Chrome is fine.

I couldn’t do it the right way, due to the CD-Media rebuild taking forever, but I’ve got a temporary fix in place.

Let me know if you see any SSL errors anymore.

The certificate for chiefdelphi.com expired. www.chiefdelphi.com is still good.

Ah, that temporary fix didn’t renew its Let’s Encrypt cert for some reason. It just needs to be permanently fixed. I’ll get that sometime this weekend.

This should be fixed (once your DNS updates).

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