Certification Tests (Computer)

Has anyone taken, A+, TCP/IP, MCSE, or C+ tests that give you Technical Certifications etc.? I am planning on taking some of them and I was wondering if anyone has already taken any, and if they had any advice or anything.



I have taken and passed my Microsoft Office Specialist test for Word. Both the Operating Systems Technologies and Hardware exams for A+ and most recently passed my Network+ exam. Within the next month I plan to be taking my MCP for 2000 Professional. Feel free to PM me or IM me on any of my screen names if you have any questions. I also have many study materials that I don’t mind sharing.

I’m studying for A+, however a couple people that I have talked to about applying certifications to a real world situation, say that most computer shops don’t look for certs when hiring.

for certs i’ve heard the opposite about shops looking more for certifications, but in any case it is still better to have them just so that you look like you know what you’re doing.(in addition to actually knowing what your doing)

The one thing I don’t like about certifications, is that they prove that you know about them, but it doesn’t show that you know how to fix things. I know some people that have boughten and A+ book, sat down and read it passed the test, but has no hands on experience.I just don’t think it’s fair to the rest of us that do have the hands on experience.(no offence to anyone that’s just my opinion on the that matter)

My school brings us on allot of job shadowing field trips. We’ve been to places such as Bellsouth and Orange County Convention Center. And at both locations, we asked what they thought about certifications. Bellsouth said that they would prefer if people had them, but they weren’t mandatory. At OCCC on the other hand, all they wanted was a degree. So, I think it’s pretty split on whether employers want certifications or not. Personally, I think they make your resume (and business card in some cases) look better, and I plan on having my own company, and I would hire someone with certifications over someone with out (then again that’s just my personal opinion)

Here’s a bit of advice, make sure you are 100% comfortable that you know everything you need to know before you take the test. Many people fail the test, and many people don’t take it again. If you fail it, don’t give up. Just study harder and do as many practice tests as you can. I failed my hardware test by about one question. I was pretty bumbed, but I just grabbed my A+ book and studied as hard as I could, and week later, went back up there and passed it. Just do as one of my instructors would say, “Remember the 5 P’s… Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

I’ve taken Net+ (806, second highest in my school) but I haven’t applied it to anything. (Jobwise, at school we made cable and did stuff until our arms fell off) I tell you, at the very least, it is nice to be able to say to people “Yes, I know what I’m doing, I’m certified in this stuff!” Good stuff.

I definately agree that i dont like when people have certs only on theories based on how things are supposed to work, i only have hands on experience which has gotten me through plenty with technology. i also plan to take the A+ test some time this summer so that i can at least say yeah i know what im doing becuase i have built numerous computer and im certified instead of just yeah i’ve built computers b4

I am taking both A+ hardware and A+ PC operating systems in about a month, they should be a piece of cake, but they are a bit outdated, and I feel that my countless hours of tinkering with computers brought me more experience. some of the things the handbooks had me memorize are just plane obsolete, like the system requirements for Microsoft windows 3.1 and 95, as well as what each DOS version had. There were also like 3 chapters on what each port on a motherboard is, which I found kind of rudimentary… but as Fruity already said, they can make or break a resume/business card :slight_smile:

I believe they are updating the test either later this year, or next year.

I bought an A+ book and a TCPIP book a week ago and am going to start reading this upcoming weekend…My cousin a TECH Guru, who helps ppl with comp problems at UTD, said that I could do decent on it, but i need to study a little. So I am going to quick read the book and then go indepth on the parts that I didnt fully understand and stuff…