[CF]: DeVry/ITT Tech/Ivy Tech Teams


It is very hard to tell what Ivy Tech/DeVry/ITT Tech campus you are associated with just by looking at your TIMS name. We have researched several, but with teams surrounding major cities with more than one campus, it’s pretty hard to make the judgment call on who is supporting whom.

If you are sponsored by one of these schools, please post below and list the following:

  • Team Number
  • Team Name
  • Is it Ivy Tech, DeVry, or ITT Tech?
  • Which campus are you sponsored by? (If more than one in the city, state which)


So I’m slow at replying to this, however I discovered that 1604 is on this site, so I figured it was my duty to reply.

Harmony Hurricanes
Orlando campus (I think there is only one)