[CF]: Looking at schools?

It has been a LONG time since I have been on this site! I remember running to the back of my class rooms just to check if I had any new comments! Once a FIRST at heart, always a FIRST at heart!

I wanted to let people know us alumni are always here for advice on anything… and since it is half way through the year… we love to talk about college!!

I am a Student at University of Dayton… located in Ohio. I am in my third year, Mechanical Major with an Electrical Minor. Currently I have only done one internship position (which was the best summer of my life!) and a number of service trips to use my engineering skills to help others.

I have friends at various Schools and am willing to help anyone in need of some questions being answered!! Hope School is great, and good luck to everyone in starting there new FIRST year (becuase that is how all our calenders are forever set up!)

-Ashleigh Alexander