CFExecute not executing appcmd.exe

created the following code on a Cofdfusion server: file name: testWebsite.cfm
This is the code:

    <cfset exec_command = "add site /name:""demosite""       /bindings:  /physicalpath:""D:\Websites\demosite"" ">

    <cfexecute name="C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe"  arguments="#exec_command#" timeout="60" />


But when I execute this file e.g.

It just displays “Done!” without any errors, it doesn’t execute the add site code.

Upon referring numerous documents, I checked the user rights under which both execute. The coldfusion service is running as a domain user called [email protected] I don’t know how to check the same for IIS. So I checked the World Wide Publishing Service and IIS Admin Service - running as Local System.

Even if I log in as the administrator, I cannot add the webserver user to the inetsrv folder or the appcmd.exe located at C:\Windows\System32

Please help with any ideas/suggestions.