Cha-ching when i aint got no bling bling
Note the left rear wheel. Also note that this is in the middle of the robotics season…no time to fix…urgh

ouch dude, how did you hit the curb?

OMG! :Owned: And only at 25mph…:confused:

Sorry to hear that man. Hope you can get something more beefier to throw under there!!

Solid Axles > Independent Axles! (Sorry - I’m use to the argument - and you just helped my cause! :D) GET A JEEP!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

ouch. I’d send you some money to help… if i had any. I’ll just have to hope it won’t cost you too much to repair it. :wink:

Ehh, its not that bad! It shouldnt cost anymore than a $100 to fix. Rain, turns, braking and downshifting shouldnt all be done at once…

The hard part is the time it will take to fix

Something like that would never happen to a solid axle vehicle. You should get one.

Your right, it wouldnt bend the rim or the suspension, it would roll way before you got to a situation like i was in. And if your lucky and it didnt roll when sliding, it would roll when it hit the curb.

It is all about preference. I prefer a sports car. You dont. This is my opinion, not neccesarily yours and not that of team 481.

Heh…thats nothing on what I did to my Storm.

Suffice it to say, if you take a control arm off a car, don’t try and push it!


I've a picture around here somewhere...

You took off a control arm?! Since the wheel stayed on when you removed it i’m going to assume it was a upper control arm?

I have to see thoes pictures - it’ll be funny!!

Lower control arm. The only thing holding it in place was the strut and it wasn’t bolted to the halfaxle either.