Chain and mesh for back of center goal

So I searched CD for “chain” and another for “field” and another for “mesh” and didn’t find any answers. I also logged into the FIRST Q&A and searched and didn’t find anything. I also downloaded the latest field drawings and reviewed them (including the real field drawings), and found no specification… And then I searched the manual again with still no luck…

So, the chain and mesh that is hanging down at the back of the center goal… Does anybody know the specifications for either or both?

FIRST has told me that drawings of the chain and mesh will be available shortly in Section 3. The Arena documents and updates. Since the only purpose is to keep the balls from bouncing out of the goal, FIRST suggests that a cheap alternative that will work well is hanging a light blanket instead.

Here’s a high-res picture of the center goal from the back.

There are more here.

The netting was light weight sports goal netting similiar to that used on a badminton net or home use street hockey goal. The chain is twisted link chain (don’t remember if it was welded link or not) similiar to the chain used for some heavy duty dog leashes. :slight_smile:

Hmm…looks like they’re using wallet chains…goes well with the black outfits the GDC was wearing at kickoff

Thank you for the pictures.