Chain Chain Chain!


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We’re at a district competition right now. How much should I expect a #25 Chain to stretch? The issue is a PITA

More info please. What are you using it for? Approximate length of the chain run? Pictures are always helpful.

If drivetrain please tell us the gearing and wheel size. If elevator please tell us the load. If arm please tell us the gearing and load. In any case please include the size of your sprockets.

Short answer: you’ll probably notice a bit of stretch over the course of a district competition, and that can be exacerbated by excess loading.

It depends.

Here’s a good thread on pretensioning - Using Chains Without a Tensioning System

And some light reading on chains (255 pages of very useful info) -

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Is your chain actually stretching or is your structure flexing and/or deforming? If the shafts were parallel to each other, are they still parallel while under load or without load?

if you use chain tentioners then i would reccomend checking the between matches and snug is always good in my experience

On an early lift prototype we had about 18" between the supports on a sprocket shaft. While it was neat to watch the 1/2 inch aluminum hexshaft and sprocket flex by almost 1" when under load, backside chain tension was horrible. We relocated the supports and sprocket.

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