Chain Connector (Maybe) LFP

My team plans on using a chain drive for our arms this year but we are missing a part that we can’t seem to find the name of. We are trying to connect a sliding mechanism to the chain with a hard/ rigid connection without breaking the loop, I think it would look something like a U-bolt but with some special design that would keep it from moving. If anyone knows what this is called that would be great. Thanks!!!

#4 screws fit nicely through #25 chain. Does that information help you design a rigid connection between a chain run and a sliding device?

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How about this?

“Roller Chain Attachment Links”

Otherwise we’ve bolted right through the chain using the largest possible bolt. 4-40 for #25 chain and 8-32 for #35 chain if memory serves.

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You’re probably looking for something like this guy:

3946 has also used 1/4" bolts with some shank. We’d cut off the heads, hammer the shanks a few taps (to .185") so they fit inside #25 chain outer plates, then drilled a hole for a #25 pin (.091", we’d usually use 3/32"), and used a #25 chain splicer such as the Dark Soul Chain Tool (I understand Vex now markets such a tool, but haven’t used it). Then, we’d put 1/4" holes in brackets mounted on the moving part, and we’d not only have a mount which allowed chain to pull evenly, but enabled easy chain tensioning.

(Full Disclosure: inspired by my old garage door opener. A COTS solution now available from West Coast Products.)

Something like THIS?

They also have one for #35 chain.

The roller chain attachment links are exactly what I was looking for, if that doesn’t work out I’ll definitely try the bolt ideas. Thanks for everybody’s help.