Chain Drive chain

I was wondering how you would go about creating a chain drive chian and then animating it? I seems like a hard thing to do.

Do you mean like this?

First, you have to model the two distinct links on the chain. Then you define a path using lines or curved lines. Next, you add a Path contraint from one of the links to the spline. In the Motion Tab, check “Follow Path” and reorient the link if necessary. Do the same for the second link. Then just copy and paste. It’s tedious, but if someone has a better, more efficient way of doing please share :smiley:

For this scene I did, there were 250+ links and over 350,000 polygons… I even had a Multires modifier on each link and set at 20%.

yeha thats it I just don’t know that much about max so i wouldn’t know where to start or what somethins are.