Chain Story Game

Let’s take a break from everything else and play a fun game that everyone can participate in.

I am proposing that we can create a chain story. The idea is to formulate a story, when you get to an interesting part, stop and let the next person add on to it. Always add on to the last person’s post.

Here goes:

In a dark, spooky cave, there was this scientist. He was experimenting with some rare and dangerous chemicals that no one else knew even existed. If his experiment succeeded, he would be known to everyone as the most brilliant scientist ever to live, even more brilliant that Einstein!!!
He was pouring his rare chemicals together when…

Sorry Jessica… beat you to it a few months ago… It’s called “Finish the Sentence” and it’s been running on and off again for about 6 months now. It’s latest incarnation:

yeah well at least you won’t have to go through tons and tons of pages if I start a new one :slight_smile:

the more the merrier, now we can choose between even more games! I will continue.

…he discovered he COULD change coal to gold. He went and let the people know about his discovery but they weren’t buying it, they thought it was a trick. Then he found some real believers of new ideas, FIRST…

…decided that since it was so easy to do and cheap, gold wasn’t a precious metal anymore. They took it off of the restricted parts list, but it was too heavy to be effective anyway. The entire plan was scrapped, along with a profit opportunity, but he figured that it wouldn’t be graciously professional to flood the market with gold, devaluing everyone’s existing stock, anyway. His next plan involved antimatter and very large elephants…

… that he would use to scale the Alps and conquer Rome.

“But wait,” he thought, “that’s been done already. I need an original idea.”

So, he packed up his bags and moved to Albuquerque where he would once again seek the tutelage of his childhood mentor…

But then 47 asteroids hit the earth and everybody died.

The end.