Chairman Activity

Hi CD,
My team has many project but all of it is in FIRST, we want to extand beyond FIRST.

  • We are mentoring 2 FLL team in the past 4 years.
  • Last year we were mentoring 11 Jr.FLL teams and this year we are mentoring 6 teams.
  • This year we will host an FLL competition.
  • We are going to teach this year someone that will be a mentor in a FRC team in Canada that will be rookie next year (They will start the team next year but they want to be prepared).
  • Maybe we will mentor a rookie team this year.

The problem is that our city is not big and the places to volunteer at are only the schools (1 High School and 3 Elementary schools).
We already have all FIRST programs in the schools from 1st garde to 12th grade.
Do you have any ideas where we can volunteer?

Are there no poor or elderly people in your town? There are always ways to reach out to others. It doesn’t have to be through an organization.

Investigate nonprofit organizations in your area. “GuideStar Israel” can be helpful.

There are many organizations who would welcome the help of an enthusiastic team of problem-solvers. I could give you a long list of suggestions, but I think you will have fun discovering what you are able to do.

Check out the Charimans essays that are posted on CD. There are many ways to spread the message of FIRST beyond just starting/mentoring teams.

There are lots of teams who pair with state or city governments to create a party, national day, or even a national week. If you approach somebody in the right position, such as Mayor for city, then you may get something together.