Chairman' Essay Question about using characters to state the obvious about Covid protocols

For the 2021 Chairman’s essay, where we are describing what our team has been doing during Covid, is it necessary to use up precious characters stating Covid protocols we followed at various activities we have done? Since protocols like masking and distancing are present in practically everything happening, can we assume the judges know we are following those protocols without having to state that explicitly? With only 10,000 characters to work with, we want to make the most of them. What are other teams doing with this?

Don’t assume the judges will assume you’re following guidelines. At the same time, you can probably blanket statement it at the top.


When working on your RCA essay, I would consider the whole picture as to what you plan to present, the essay itself and your Executive Summary as you decide what to do for each part. Since character space is limited, you may want to reduce some redundancies in any given part of your overall award entry.


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