Chairman for the first time

Hey, my team is not a rookie, but this is the first year that we’re actually doing any activity related to the chairman award. I read on the Award PDF that the award is given to teams who made an effort for more then one year. My question is whether we should even submit for the award having no chance of winning, or whether we need to submit for this year so this years effort will be counted for next year?


You can only get better at something if you try. That way you can find out what your strengths and weaknesses are and work at them. Not trying is the acceptance of failure which is far worse than failing itself.

Would you only compete with your robot in matches you think you will win?

While a lot of good comes from the team that “wins” the Chairman’s award, most of the “net good” to the community actually comes from teams that lose (since there is only 1 winner, most of us are “losers”).

If FIRST ever does a qualification system throughout the league for things like the Championship, I would like to see some consideration to submitting a “Chairman’s Award” and a “Woodie Flower’s Award” essay. Reason being that the current system leaves teams with little incentive to submit if they feel they can’t win. We really should reward the behaviors we want to see.

P.S. I think the NASA grants require submitting a Chairman’s entry and a giant Kudos to them if that is true.

Many teams do not even try for the Chairman’s and that is so sad. So many teams are out there doing the work of First and making a difference in their community. The award is to help you think of ways to improve and influence other students and adults. Although robots are used in this competition, the real reason we are here is to change the culture and promote Gracious Professionalism in all that we do. A team that actively seeks the Chairman’s has set goals that point them to seeking better ways to reach and help others.

Go for it. By collecting, writing and submitting your information for the award, your team will be on its way to developing a business plan, and will help define your team. This information can be used to develop sponsorship and can help with marketing of your team. Once it is written, these sections can be cut and pasted for other uses. It can help the team reflect on what worked, what didn’t and where they would like to be headed.
The interview process teaches many of the same skills needed to interview for college, internships and jobs. The students will have to explain, in a short amount of time in front of important adults they don’t know what they have accomplished and what they hope to accomplish. The handouts can be used to help judges in deliberations for other awards.
Besides the time it will take to prepare a submission, why wouldn’t you submit for Chairman’s Award?
Look over past and recent threads for ideas and even offers to help.

Definitely go for the Chairman’s Award. You have to start somewhere sometime. Here and now is as good as any.

If you go through the process of applying for the Chairman’s it will help your team focus on a lot of things. Use it to drive conversation about the what and the how your team works. About changing the culture and yourselves.

Even if you never win a Chairman’s Award, the process can make your team more successful in ways you cannot imagine !

The Chairman’s Award is about what a team has done overtime with a general emphasis towards the current year.

So, you have done things in the current year that you would add to the submission, that is great. I’m sure you can come up with other things you have done over the prior years.

Have you done training for your team?
Have you done any presentations?
How about assisting other teams?
Have any of your graduates gone on to Engineering/Science related programs?

Remember it is all about Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. It’s hard to be a team and not be inspiring to someone.

Good luck and I would definitely encourage you to submit, if nothing else it will be even easier to build on your accomplishments from this year when you submit next year.

Definitely submit. Definitely.

Chairmans is about many things: reaching out to your community and school, spreading FIRST, sustaining your team, and helping everyone in your team reach their full potential! Even the smallest things count!

It’s also important to develop an identity for your team, and submitting the Chairmans Essay def helps with this! It gives the judges an idea of what your team is all about, and also shows how you have progressed. I would def advise you to submit!

It also helps to keep a record of everything that you have done either on your website, or in a binder.

Good luck!