Chairman Forum

I’ve been thinking…there’s a ton of forums for technical things here on CD, but none for chairman things. I for one don’t even TOUCH the robot, so I generally have to stick to the general or chit-chat forums here, which can get a little dull sometimes. I’m not trying to sound…I don’t even know what the word is at the moment…but I’m not trying to be that (I’m sure you get the picture). But just a suggestion…why not have a chairman forum too? I’m sure it could be beneficial to a lot of teams who are looking for help in that area.

You mean like this Chairman’s forum? :wink:

(Don’t worry, it’s a subforum of Awards–it took me a minute or two to find myself.)

wow i feel kind of dumb now :rolleyes:
I really did look before i posted this…thats a weird place to put it :confused:
but then now that I think about it its really not
thanks for the help