Chairman’s Award Essay???

I need some help I can’t seem to find what the topic of the Chairman’s award essay is about??? Can someone please enlighten me!!!

Read This

Thats but i have that already and it does not say the topic of the 10,000 characters essay! Unless i am blind and missing it witch is what could be happening!!

I ment thanks lol


As far as I know, the essay is supposed to be whatever your team feels like writing about. This may be past events, alumni, community service, etc.

Hopefully someone else can confirm this, or prove me wrong so I don’t submit the wrong essay for Chairman’s award.

Lol well sounds good i will try :). But i think i will just go forward and just do it and hope that its right!!!

You have a lot of freedom when writing your essay. There are things that you should focus on outlined on the website, but those are just guidelines. The important thing is to really represent what your team is all about! The judges are looking for what makes your team special/unique.

You can start with answering the those main points, and then come up with an outline that emphasizes your strengths as a team!

This site is pretty helpful:

Good luck!

If you check out page 2 of that linked document, there’s a section called “Submission Content” that has 5 bullets. Use those 5 bulleted items as your guide for content. As was said before, the clarification of how your team embodies those 5 criteria is left very open-ended.

Good luck!

Many teams have posted their previous year’s essays on CDor their web pages. Here is ours:

essay needs to include
team name
coporate/university sponsors
brief discription of impact of FIRST on team members
examples of role model characteristics for other teams to emulate
describe impact of FIRST on team and community
innovative ways of spreading FIRST’s name and message
strength of partnership
team communication methods and results
anything else you feel is important
max 4 pics

hope it helps you

Yes, basically write whatever you want, and try and explain why your team embodies FIRST’s Mission.