Chairman’s Award Sample Questions

Hello everyone. My team is looking for some sample questions asked during a Chairman’s interview. We are preparing for our district event this weekend. Does anybody have any questions or resources with any questions?

RUSH Team 27 has arguably the best resource on this topic specifically. They compiled a comprehensive list of all questions asked in their interview rooms over the course of several years. MARS used this extensively prior to our Champs Chairman’s Award in 2017.


Thank you!

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The most important thing to remember is to relax and listen carefully to the questions asked. Be prepared to elaborate on your submission.

The Q&A is to clarify and to get to know you better. Relax and have fun with it.

Good luck

I second this I have had my students practice using these questions and it has been working out fantastically!


Another few things that have worked well for us:

Have parents, sponsors, alumni come in as “guest judges.” Fresh eyes will help prepare you for the kinds of questions that your presentation solicits. Sometimes as mentors, we are too close to it to ask meaningful questions and provide meaningful feedback. It also gives lots of practice time for the presenters and helps them get a feel for the timing (I.e. what five minutes of questions feels like), which will help them keep their answers concise.

You can lead the judges into certain questions. If you’re a little vague on one topic, it may prompt the judges to ask questions on that topic to learn more, especially if it’s enticing. MARS was able to do this somewhat reliably, so we knew ahead of time the questions we would likely get (this combined with my first point really helped).

Make sure you know which student is going to answer which types of questions. We always assigned certain topics to each student, usually based on what they were most interested in. So, for example, student A would answer all the questions about FLL and team structure, and student B would answer community outreach and fundraising. This ensures that the students aren’t talking over one another, and they’re answering topics they’re passionate about. This also means that individual has lots of practice on a narrow set of topics and will be well rehearsed.

And finally, have fun with it!! Chairman’s can be a very stressful process for the students involved, so make sure they have fun, get plenty of sleep, and take them out for ice cream when they’re done with the interview :wink: Good luck! I hope we see you in Houston

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