Chairman´s winner and the 2008 chairman´s

hi everybody!

just a simple question to help us from Brazil

If a Team receive the Chairman´s Award in one regional, they can receive it again in the same regional?
if not, they can submit the Chairman´s any way just to participate?


Leonardo, mentor of #1860

I glanced over Section 5.4 CHAIRMAN’S AWARD and didn’t see anything explicitly forbidding a team from submitting 2 years in a row at the same regional. I’d say (drawing from my previous experience and this year’s manual) that you are okay to submit this year at the same regional you submitted to last year.

Team 79 has won the Chairman’s in Florida four times in a row and 236 five times in a row in Connecticut.


On a similar note, what do people think the possibility of winning chairmans at your non home competition (in our case is it worth subitting in Connectitut because winning again in NYC is unlikely)? I know that we are allowed to submit wherever we want but due to the helping the community aspect of the award, do the judges look more favorably on local teams?

-Simon Strauss on Scott’s account

Considering that 236 has won the Chairman’s five years in a row at Connecticut I’d make that a no.

You never know Ed, Maybe the Connecticut judges are looking for a change.

They are not supposed to consider the team location, and there is no rule or requirement as to where you submit. Some teams do not have a ‘local’ event, or may choose to only go to one event that is not in their immediate area, so FIRST does not restrict it.

The judges are also aware that it is common and acceptable for a team to win a Regional Chairman’s multiple years in a row. You are not penalized for winning in a previous year - it is always supposed to go to the most deserving team.

Keep in mind that you are only allowed one regional submission per year:

As in the past, teams may only submit at one Regional competition for judging. Teams submitting for both the Chairman’s Award and the Woodie Flowers Award should note that both awards are judged at the same event. Students working on the Woodie Flowers Award submission and those team members working on the Chairman’s Award submission should coordinate to select the best event for the team.

Also, it is good practice to prepare a Chairman’s submission even if you don’t expect to earn it (or are ineligible), as per 5.4.1.

:yikes: Wow that is really weird…yeah it does not say anything in the rules…so go for it…