Chairman's 2022

Hello everyone,

Who do you think are the serious contenders for the chairman’s award at the champs this year?

I highly believe that team 2220, 3284, 1156 and 4400 are the strongest.

See you next week!

3284 is a top tier team. Their website is so organized, their material is all there they are truly a force for great change. I think they are the strongest.


We can always hope. Go Robototes!


I have a bit of bias towards NE, but I think that 3654 (all girls team in Mass) has a very good chance of being in contention.

1676 had the absolute pleasure of picking (and winning with) 3654 at the NE Waterbury District in 2019. They are an incredible team and should definitely be in the conversation.

Yeah I came here to say you guys. Good luck!!

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My guesses are 1678, 2468, 2486. Eventually all 3 will be in the HOF, sooner than later.

Best of luck to all teams competing for it at the Championship.


I’d like to think 1710 is a contender. I also like 2468, 1678, and 6652.


I’m definitely rooting for 4125, with their 6 year pncmp streak and 9 year Chairman’s streak since their third season.

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1622 definitely have a good shot

I’m leaning towards 3284. That amount of things they have done is insane. It’s hard to find a regional where they haven’t won Chairman’s or EI.

All 100-ish teams who got to champs via Chairmans have obviously done something quite impressive. My guess is the winner is non-obvious at this point.


IMO I think 1678 has had more impact internally to FIRST teams than any other team that hasn’t won Chairman’s yet, I think they deserve to win.


1678,1718, 2468, and 2486.

3654 is really good. Since 2019, they’ve won 7 Chairman’s Awards, which is absolutely nutty. They blew my team out of the water at Waterbury and won EI comfortably at WNE. I wouldn’t be shocked if they were a finalist at the championship.

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I think an NE team will take it this year. I’m picking 6328.


Does anyone have a definitive answer on how many Championship Chairman’s Award Finalists there are this year? The program addendum in the App indicates there are 6, the awards description on FIRST’s website says 3.

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Here is the presentation schedule for 2022 Chairman’s presentation and room assignments.


Don’t sleep on 1629!


There will be six finalist awards presented tomorrow.

Your neighbors over at MARS would LOVE to see you get your much deserved HoF banner this year! Best of luck!