Chairman's Award and Regional Winner

Can anyone give me an example of a team who has won both the Chairman’s Award and won an individual regional? In other words, they won both the Chesapeake Chairman’s Award and were one of the three (or fewer) teams that won the Chesapeake regional. Anything back to 1992 is fine, as long as it’s in FRC at one of our regionals or the championship.

Paul Dennis

Wildstang in 2005 and 2006 at Midwest with a regional Woodie Flowers too.

MOE(365) did it back in 2005 at Philly.
25 did it last year at NJ.
71 did it at St Louis last year…I think.
With WFA’s to boot, not sure about 71 on that though.

Team 118 did it in 2005.
We won 2 regionals and one chairmans

And lest we forget the mother of them all, 67 at the Championship in 2005.

375 won the Regional, CA, and WFA in NY last year

1114 last year in Waterloo.


2004 SAC Website Design Award
2004 SJ Regional Chairman’s Award
2004 SJ Regional Champion
2004 SAC Regional Champion
2004 SAC Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology”
2004 CMP Chairman’s Award Winner
2004 SAC Woodie Flowers Regional Award

330: 2004 at Arizona

1002, 2004 at Peachtree

503 in '06 at WMR.

Team 217 hit it big in 2006.

We won the Detroit Regional Chairman’s Award, the Woodie Flowers Award (Ron Arscheene), the Detroit Regional Championship, the Archimedes Division Championship AND the FIRST World Championship.

Overall, I think we did pretty good.

Team 388 at VCU in 2003