Chairman's Award Banners

This is a question for the rest of you who have won the chairman’s award before…
How many blue banners should the team have been given at the regional?

I’m almost positive that you receive two banners.

You receive one banner, two trophies.

We received one banner and one trophy for the Regional Chairman’s Award. Don’t quote me on that, though. We may have gotten two trophies. :wink:

One Banner.
Two Trophies.
These are expensive items, but additional awards can always be purchased from FIRST’s suppliers. I know the ordering info was sent out in an email blast last year.

When we won the Regional Chairmans in 2002, we only got two trophies, no banner. It might have been becuase it was the first year they did it but I’m not exactaly sure. Maybe someone could confirm this.

There were no regional banners in 2002. In fact, the 2003 banners were mailed to teams after the season. 2004 was the first year Chairman’s banners were awarded at the regional competitions with the trophies.

The most prestigious award, and no spiffy banner for people who won it before 2003?

:eek: That kinda stinks. Maybe you can get them on custom order now?

(btw, I know a banner is not everything, and winning it is the prestigious part, but c’mon… some kind of official banner would be nice) But then again, you do get that spiffy trophy.

Wait, is that two trophy’s and one spiffy clock, or one trophy and the spiffy clock?

Or is that another award altogether I am thinking of? Maybe WFA? No… That’s the weird bearing… right?

Ahh… I’m confused.


Regional Chairman’s Winners receive 1 banner with the regional name and two trophies with the regional name.

The idea is that the 2nd trophy will be shared with a sponsor.

We have the '92 and '94 banners hanging at our site (obviously made way after :slight_smile: ).

Championship Chairman’s Winners get two trophies and one banner to keep. The clock gets the winning team added to it and is in the team’s possession for one year, just like the Stanley Cup.