Chairman's Award Competitors

Brandon, do you think that you could make some sort of ‘master-list’ stuck to the top? This thread is meant for people to post their chairman’s award app, executive summary, regional(s) they are attending and the one regional they’re submitting to. Please leave all other discussion & comments to another thread. This is just a quick way to see who’s competing at what regional for the Chairman’s award.

I’ll be posting our team’s app this week.

A student perusing web competitors came across a posted chairman’s award app
Cybersonics Team 103

and their web shows they’re attending
Chesapeake Regional
Philadelphia Alliance Regional
J & J Mid-Atlantic Regional

Here’s our
Executive Summary

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

We’re attending Phoenix Regional and LA Regional, submitting at LA Regional

Wow BCR it look great!!! Nice job! :slight_smile: I love the backgrounds that is very cool!

And to 103: You have got my vote (well that is if I had one lol:)!!! It looks really professional with a lot of info.

I hope to be posting beachbot team 330’s but the formatting is kinda goofed up! :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know if I will be able to.

Wow, this Chairman’s submission is soooo good…
(I sound like Iron Chef judges)

it’s beautiful! all our mouths are left opened at NYC.

Excellent Job!
Congrads on a nice job and THANKS for sharing.


Expect team #118 at the Lone Star Regionals. Not at home so i can’t post our submission.

492 is sending one to the Pacific Northwest Regional
190 is also made a very good one…not sure which regional they are sending it to (they entered the Pacific Northwest and another one, I already e-mailed one of them to ask which one they sent it to)

Both teams have them up on their web sites

Team 190 is submitting their chairman’s award to the Pacific Northwest Regional.

You can find our submission online at:

(It is also available off our team website at but as of this minute the server is down and i cannot access the direct link)

Rookie Team 1115’s Chairman’s award

LA Regional

All comments should be entered into
this thread

This thread is only to show the chairman’s award and list the regionals you’re attending, and which regional you’re submitting to.

Everyone’s looks great!

You can find Combbat’s at

Team #125, the NU-TRONS are submitting to the Manchester NH Regional… C-ya there!



IM me if you want to see our submission… anetta284

Chairman’s award app


the http buttons doesn’t work for .doc?
and the url for the doc, if I cut and paste the address, does work.

Chairman’s Award App

um… link doesn’t work for me.

*Originally posted by Rich Wong *
**“Chairman’s Award App

um… link doesn’t work for me.
:frowning: **’s%20Award.doc

there you go

This is excellent work… (nice clear format, easy on us old guys)

and you spend $6000 on Lego stuff!
Wow, that 15 FLL teams.

Best wishes.


118 won at LSR. We didn’t have a chance to beat out their great work as a rookie, but the best thing is that FIRST asked our team if they could publish our chairman’s award submission. We may not have the kind of efforts in the community as the robonauts have had through their dedication in Houston but I am extremely proud of the honor that FIRST gives my team in asking the rights to publish it. Good luck to all the great teams with chairman’s awards at championships and go robonauts (118). If only their robot was as nice as their team. We now know we can defeat “Immobolius”, but it is not easy and not nice when you can’t beat it.

This is Cyber Blue 234’s winning Chairmans Award from Arizona.'sPackage2003.pdf

Is this thread going to start back up for the 2004 season?

My team is currently working hard on our chairman’s award submission. We will be submitting it at the Silicon Valley Regional this year.

I’ll post more info when it becomes available.

Great job, best i’ve seen out there. Ours isn’t close, any suggestions on how to spice ours up?
much appreciated :slight_smile:

Student George did that graphics app. He and I are both creative easily working together people. I supplied the quotes, he provided the ideas, I have a few ideas, he implements them. He also did our

Gracious Professionalism Poster

easily incorporating a few ideas from mentors.

He’s such a busy guy with many many interests, he does his work for our team mostly remotely - and he does a lot of work for our team - our webmaster.

I haven’t asked him if he’s ok with me revealing his theme for this year’s chairman’s award 10 min presentation video, and I don’t know yet if we’ll pull it off, but it has something to do with

this current creative effort

He and I both dream big, brainstorm without censoring ourselves, and can easily take in others’ ideas, then filter things into a project that comes into fruition.

If you don’t have those people on your team, go ahead and consult with some you find outside of your team - you never know if you’ll inspire another member/mentor to join.

:-X Not saying anything…but here’s another teaser…