Chairman's Award Competitors

here team 233’s 2004 Chairman’s Award submission. i ask only that you PLEASE DONT COMMENT at that webpage!!! thanx

Roccobot2k4 Chairmans Submission

the PINK team will be attending the UCF competition, the NYC competition, and Nationals of course, and we’re submitting this to NYC. :slight_smile:

Executive Summary

Chairman’s Award

almost went to respond to pink’s chairman’s award, then realized this is a thread to ONLY post your chairman’s award and executive summary. Sorry! My bad (on earlier postings).

Nice theme! and thanks for sharing.
I notice that the file size is 2.24 MB? I checked because I have been checking all the CA drafts my teams have asked me to review.
FIRST have asked that we try to keep the file size close to 1MB.

I haven’t asked him if he’s ok with me revealing his theme for this year’s chairman’s award 10 min presentation video, and I don’t know yet if we’ll pull it off, but it has something to do with

this current creative effort

I thought we had only 5 minutes for our presentation portion of the interview… and then we will be intereviewed for another 5 minutes. Can someone clarify?

You are correct.

Team 190 has posted their Chairman’s Award here:

We submitted it to BAE.

RAGE team 173 has posted their 2004 Chairman’s Award entry - we submitted to the UTC New England Regional.

Congratulations to team 236, Techno Ticks, winner of the Regional Chairman’s Award!

You’re correct. We’ve decided to postpone our endeavor until after May mainly due to lack of time and space (the Drama department is doing their musical and we wanted to use that space), so be sure to tune in during the off-season!

Thanks! We had quite a fun time putting the theme and everything together. 1MB? hehe…whoops…I thought we had more leeway…or did I read the paper wrong again?

Team 234 has posted their 2004 Chairman’s entry in the White Papers section, Team Organization, Chairman’s.

The team won the 2004 MidWest Regional Chairman’s Award in 2004
and the Arizona Regional Chairman’s Award in 2003.

I would post a link here, but I am not sure how to do that.

Very inspiring. No wonder you’ve been winning regional chairman awards. Thank you so much for posting it.