Chairman's Award for Life

Hello Everyone!

I just graduated this year and I was on Team 6237 Martin Motion. For three years I worked on the team’s Chairman’s Award, which is since the team was first able to submit the award. I haven’t been the person on the field with the robot or helping repair it. I always made sure to understand the robot, but I have never been a math or mechanical person. My contribution was Chairman’s Award.

My team, mentors, and I worked hard for three years and the progression in quality from our first video to our most recent is insane. For this last year we submitted the best video we had ever created and yet it was also the one we had most fun with. This last year we knew we hadn’t done as much as many other teams and so we decided to prioritize fun and creativity, and well a Guide to the Galaxy was born. This video was a mashup of so many things from the space race in the 50’s, to Ron Burgundy, to the moon landing, and a Pluto riot to determine if it is a planet. Most importantly the video was made through the lens of a child and how they would see space. They would see the wonder and whimsy especially growing up in the 50’s and seeing a man on the moon. A kid would want to be an astronaut and have the hopes and dreams to change the world.

Maybe we should all try to see that childhood wonder inside us, even as we grow older. I think if we can all see that then maybe their could be more laughter and compassion in the world. Luckily I think FIRST is doing this and as the organization continues to grow, I can imagine that future leaders will innovate and lead us in the right direction.

Anyways, watch the video if you get a chance. And feel free to vote if you think Pluto is a planet or not in the comments. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!


Awesome, video. Glad you guys are having fun with Chairman’s. Also some great fundraising ideas :+1:


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