Chairman's Award Interview - Giving other team info. to judges

During the Chairman’s Interview, are teams still allowed to give the judges a pamphlet or notebook with pictures and information about the team?

Yes! This is a common practice and the great idea to leave the judges with something to remember your team by. Since the Chairman’s submission is almost entirely based in plain text, this is a great opportunity to give the judges something visual and striking that represents your team’s efforts towards the criteria of the award.


You can also give them one or more 3" binders that shake the table when you set them down.


While huge binders are certainly an option, think about what information you really want to give the judges. Give them too much stuff and they won’t read it (they’re volunteers who need to reach a decision relatively quickly, they don’t have time to pour through 300 pages of supporting documentation). Make sure the really important and impactful stuff is easy to find.

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I’m in favour of large binders. Yes, the judges likely won’t read it, but if you’ve got enough stuff to give them that they can’t actually get through it all, it conveys depth and awe; like drinking from a firehose. If you’re desperate for the judges to read something, you could present your big binders with tabs, or the binder and a smaller “highlights” book.

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